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Did you know that we have year a year round Scentsy Discount on our Close-Out Products?

Every Catalog season Scentsy places it’s discontinued products in our ‘Close-Out’ section of our Online Website? You can find all kinds of beautiful Candle Warmers that are from all of our collections including our seasonal and holiday collections like our Fright Night Warmer, Candy Shoppe Warmer and our Jack O’ Lantern Nightlight that are all being offered at a HUGE Scentsy Discount!

We’ve already posted the list of upcoming Discontinued Products for Fall 2012 that will be added to our “Close-Out” section of our websites. You won’t see these Closeout items in our catalogs or be able to order then without doing so online or by Calling us with your order. Make sure to Call Us to find out our Special Offer to our customers.


Scentsy Discount – 20% Off!

These items are permanently offered at a 20 percent Scentsy Discount with the Exception of any item that has been a Charitable Cause Warmer or Scentsy Buddy. You may notice our Sasha Buddy is still at it’s original pricing as well as our Sunshine Kids Warmer. The Net proceeds of these items still go towards those charities so we do not offer any discount on them.

We’ve also just recently completely discontinued our DIY (Design It Yourself) line of product Warmers and Theme Packs. This is a fun way to create and design your own warmer or to give one as a special personalized gift.

Scentsy Discount DIY Warmers and Theme Packs
Scentsy Discount DIY Warmers and Theme Packs

This is a great way to get a HUGE Savings on some wonderful Scentsy Products.  Great Gifts, Holiday and Seasonal items, Scentsy Buddy’s Scented Stuffed Animals, DIY and more…at 20% off!  Get your Scentsy Discount today!

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