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Scentsy is coming to Europe – get all the FAQ’s here:

Why should you care? Well, it isn’t everyday that a solid Direct Sales company hailed as the ‘fastest growing party plan company ever’ (per the DSA) opens up a ground floor business opportunity on another continent.

If Scentsy is opening in Europe how will that affect me if I’m a resident of the United States or Canada?  Very simply, when Scentsy opened in Canada in October 2009, our – and many other consultants – team grew exponentially.  We have one Director on our team in Washington State who has 80% of all their downline from Canada.  Without this additional opportunity to expand into another country, their team might not have grown so strong as quickly.   If you are a Scentsy Consultant in the USA or Canada you can Sponsor & Recruit new consultants from Europe and really go international!  For example:  We have a friend in here in Seattle who knows how successful we’ve been with our Scentsy Business.  She is an Opera Singer and is moving to Germany with her IT boyfriend in August.  She’s lived there previously and has told us that now that we are opening in Europe she will Join our team.  Opera Singers always have other jobs and this will be a great way for her to earn extra money while pursuing her passion.  Since her boyfriend is a Techie, he will be helping her to market her Scentsy business online.   This means that she can start recruiting her contacts who currently live in Germany to sell and recruit this Spring.  When she moves this fall, she will already have a team in place which means that WE will have a team in place in Germany.  How cool is that?   We have other friends who are from Germany and are using our technical skills to find people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) who would like to join Scentsy.

Why can’t USA and Canadian Consultants sell Scentsy in the United Kingdom and Germany?  There are several reasons why we shouldn’t be able to Sell Scentsy overseas:  (1) Germans use the Euro and the UK uses the GBP – the British Pound.  Canada and the United States use the Dollar.  I can’t even begin to tell you how to convert the Pound and Euro into a Dollar!  It is not feasible to expect Americans and Canadians to sell products in all 3 currencies and calculate shipping & taxes.  (2) Language can be a large barrier as well.  We have consultants in Puerto Rico and even in the United States who speak Spanish and very little to no English and it can be difficult to communicate.  I took German in High School but there is no way that I could take an order from someone speaking Deutsch.  I could always use the Google Translator to figure out what a German writes, but not speaks.  (3) Every country has different policies, laws and regulations regarding product specifications, sales, direct sales companies, recruiting, etc.   (4) Can you imagine the phone bills?  I don’t know about you, but that would be really expensive!  Even if you have a toll-free number, those lines are very expensive!  There are other factors involved, I’m sure, but these are the easiest factors to understand.

When can I start recruiting in the Great Britain and Germany?  As of today we’ve been told by Scentsy Corporate that it’ll be this Spring but no date has yet been given to us.  We can assume that as of March 1st, when our new Spring/Summer Catalog comes out we will have the capability to recruit overseas but, we really can’t speculate.  When Scentsy Canada was opening, the initial date set for opening was September 1st, 2009 but due to technical difficulties the date was pushed back to October 1st, 2009.  So really, until the system is up and ready I’m not counting on a date!

But I don’t know anyone in Germany, England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland!  So?  We didn’t know anyone in Canada yet have 5% of all Canadian consultants on our team!  This occurred several ways?  (1) we recruited people who had contacts in Canada.  (2) we are nerds!  We figured out how to use the internet as a tool to build a team for ourselves in Canada.  Also, we have a team in Guam and Puerto Rico and throughout the USA.  I’ve never been to most of these locations personally yet we have a large team in Guam!

How can a US or Canadian Scentsy Consultant properly Sponsor & Train someone overseas?  The truth is that not all consultants will be able to.  You would need to find a Scentsy Consultant who is available and willing to train you, your and their downlines in North America first – in my opinion.  Most consultants work their business part-time.  Yes, Scentsy will have great training in place for consultants in Europe and there are consultants who can be very successful without the support of an upline.  While we are very supportive to our Canadian and Continental US Downline, our Guam team suffers at times.  They are 18hrs ahead of us.  If we have a Webinar or Team call at 6pm on a Tuesday (PST) then it is Wednesday at 2pm in Guam which is smack in the middle of their work day!  We have a team site where we post the recordings of our calls for our team as well as lots of other information we’ve collected to help everyone.  I have called our team there at Midnight (my time) so I could accommodate their schedule and ability to chat.  I work our Scentsy business full-time and make it a priority to work our my schedule around our downlines schedules.  So, my advice to you is to sign up under us, or someone else like us who makes sponsoring their priority.  Find out more about Joining Scentsy.

I’m still not sure I’m an entrepreneur and can work from home or, that Scentsy is the company for me.  That’s okay.  You shouldn’t be convinced to join any direct sales opportunity.  You should be passionate about whatever product or company that you represent.  Check out all kinds of opportunities before making any decision.  To tell you the truth, most people can’t handle being an entrepreneur.  Most people need to have a job that they go to where they have a set schedule and plan.  I’ve worked from home for 9yrs and the first couple of years were difficult.  It is easy to get distracted when working from home.  There is always other stuff to do like cleaning, laundry, watching TV, cooking, kids, PTA, errands, etc.  I could go on and on because I know all the pitfalls.  I was a highly organized and motivated person who was always at the top of their game in corporate America.  At home though…I had to re-train myself.  It was easy to stay in my sweats all day.  I had to give myself set hours to do certain parts of my business, when to shower, kid time, cleaning time, down time, etc.  Once you get serious about realizing that you are a business owner and out of the ’employee mentality’ you can become successful in whatever opportunity you join.

Join Scentsy now and plan your invasion of Europe…or, just your neighborhood!

Don’t wait to Join Scentsy…do it today!  Learn everything you can now so you can really go gangbusters when we open overseas.  Are you currently a Scentsy Customer?  Do you love our product?  Why not join?  There are currently less than 150k Scentsy Consultants worldwide so far.  There are 300 Million people in the United States, 34 Million in Canada, 82 Million in Germany and 60 Million in the United Kingdom.  That’s 476 Million people who can become Scentsy Customers and/or Independent Consultants!  Even if you don’t care about the endless opportunity’s presented by Scentsy going Global, you’ve got to appreciate how big of an opportunity you still have in North America.

Scentsy’s largest population of consultants is in Texas with around 14,000 consultants.  The population of Texas alone is almost 25 Million.  That comes to .00056% of all Texas residents are consultants.  To make this number easier to understand, 1% of Texas’s population is 250,000.  Scentsy is a ground floor business opportunity in every location!  It doesn’t matter where you live, there has never been a better time to join!  Scentsy’s training, websites and back office workstation are top notch and most of the kinks have been worked out.  Our shipping times are phenomenally fast.  Scentsy products are top of the line, are reasonably priced and our business opportunity has already made several consultants over 1 Million dollars in commission last year alone…from a company that’s only 6yrs old!  What other Direct Sales company can boast those figures?

If you decide to Join Scentsy, why not join our team!  90% of our focus is on sponsoring and training our downline!  We are here for you and work our business full-time.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible change their financial futures and create time freedom…just like we’ve done!  To find out more about Shawn and I, read this Blog Post and get a feel for who we are as people and what we’ve gone through in life and in business! If you’d like to Join our Team, call, email us or Join directly online HERE!

To find out more about Scentsy, our Safe and highly scented Candles, warmers and our business opportunity, check us out online at

Shawn & Wendy Robinson


  • Jill A. Collins

    Facebook is an incredible way to meet people from all over the world. Having run my own massage business part time for over 10 years, I could see how joining the Scentsy group and running my own at home business through them could be profitable in these new markeets when combined with our love of facebook. And I do speak just enough German to be dangerous!

  • Laurie Hurley

    Hi Wendy:
    I think I’m in your downnline somewhere. Katie Jones is my Upline. Love your site. Trying to build my business. I’m a Star Consultant right now. Going to Scentsy Sprint tomorrow in San Bernandino, CA.

  • Cathy V

    I am interested in joining Scentsy as a consultant, but have never tried your product before. I also have some contacts internationally…I look forward to finding out more about your company. Is there a way to know how many consultants are in my area?

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