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Scentsy is a great way to earn money for your cause or group!

Does your team need to raise money?  Have you held other fundraisers but want to try something new that might sell and earn more for your Cheer Squad?  Do you want something easy that offers great customer service!

Shawn and I don’t like having home parties so much.  It’s not that they aren’t fun or anything but they are time consuming.  We are really busy with our kids, their sports & activity schedules, our family and social events, volunteering, etc.   We really focus on Basket Parties, Online Marketing and Team building.  On the flip side, we love doing Fundraisers and decided to focus on adding these to our business.

In August we received our first Scentsy Fundraiser.  We are in Seattle and at the end of this month we have a Breast Cancer Fundraiser being held in Rochester, NY.  We mailed everything out to the Fundraising Hostess who is holding a party at her home this weekend!

Just a couple of weeks ago we received an email from an All-Star Cheer Squad in Virginia who is looking to earn money to support their team activities.  They have around 30 girls on the team and they are hoping to make a minimum of $3000.00.  We offered 100% of our Commission Profits to support their cause.   To meet their minimum goal the team would need to sell at least $10,000.00 in product which averages $333.33 per Cheerleader!  This is very easy to attain.  We’re hoping that we can get them closer to twice that amount!  We’re also offering Prizes to the top earners.

We just sent out the following items to the team on Friday consisting of:

  • Fundraising Envelopes with a Fundraising Flyer, Catalog and Holiday Brochure; sample scents; Order Forms, FAQ Sheet & Prize list & a Sample Order Form.
  • A Set of our Mini Testers for the team to smell
  • One of our Scentsy Buddy’s – Ollie the Elephant with Pima Cotton Scent Pak, a Fragrance Foam, Scent Circle and a Candle Bar
  • A Link on our Website for Friends and Family to support this Team’s Fundraiser by ordering online if they aren’t local.

This is all you really need to kick start an amazing Fundraiser.  All that’s left is for the Cheerleaders and their families to show Scentsy to everyone they know.  Bring your Fundraising Envelopes to every event, church, get together, etc., have people smell the sample scents included and they’ll be asking to see the catalog!

Once the Fundraiser has ended, they will ship everything back to us to calculate and order.  We will have everything shipped to us, package each order and then ship it out to the team for delivery. Our goal is to make your fundraiser as easy as possible while bringing in the most funds.

Do you know a Family in Need this Holiday Season?

Do you know of a family in need?  We are looking to sponsor some families this Holiday Season with Scentsy Fundraisers.  This is something that you can do for a friend or family, in your church group, PTA, community, etc.  We know that families are struggling to get by so adding the extra pressure of the Holiday Gift Giving Season can be too much to cope with.  Let’s show the people you care about how much love and support they have.  If you start NOW, you can give them the proceeds from your Scentsy Fundraiser in advance of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & Christmas.

Please Contact us Today.  We’d love to help you make someone’s season!
Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Consultants
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