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New Christmas and Holiday Scentsy Candle Warmers available NOW

Scentsy did it again.  Bring on the Holidays.  Scentsy has put together a great collection of Holiday warmers with a seasonal and Christmas theme

Let our holiday warmers bring a little extra cheer to your home this season. An embossed Santa with star-shaped vents, raised white snowflakes on a winter-white base – these are some favorite details from our returning warmers. Playful snowmen and stately angels are featured in our newest designs. There’s sure to be one to fit your favorite holiday style! While supplies last.


  • Darenst

    I cannot find the ingredients for Scentsy candles. I want to know what kind of wax is used on Scentsy candles. Is it parafin wax?

    thank you

  • Wendy


    Scentsy uses a custom, food-grade paraffin wax blend. The wax blend is designed for a specific scent-load and melt point.


  • I’ve found several places on the web that your was is a petroleum based product. I’m more curious about the ingredients in the fragrance. Is it natural or another petroleum based product. I ask because inhaling a chemical is just as bad as eating it and I’m sensitive to petroleum based chemicals. I was given a Scentsy as a gift and want to know before using.

    • Hi Deborah, Thanks for your question. Scentsy uses a food grade petroleum based wax that is safe and non-toxic when used in our warmers. We use Natural as well as synthetic oils in our wax. If you were to use our wax in a non-Scentsy warmer then we couldn’t guarantee it’s safety. If you are allergic to something it’s best to air on the side of caution.

  • Thanks for the reply. I think you’d get a bigger customer base if you advertised which fragrances are from natural oils. I like the idea of your product, but would enjoy a natural product.

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