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Who’s up for a Scentsy Layers Skincare Challenge?  Our Family!

Scentsy has just come out with a New line of Personal and Laundry Care products called Layers by Scentsy.   What is Layers? personal skin care and laundry fragrances for the entire family. Our family wants to make sure that we use the products ourselves so we can tell you what we think of them AND, we are all slackers at taking care of our skin!  My Hubby Shawn, Myself, our 14yr old daughter Alex and our 10yr old son Sam are going to test all of the New Scentsy Layers products for the next 7 days. Here’s a little about us and our personal skin care history and product use – up until today:

Scentsy Layers
The Scentsy Layers Products we are using
  • Shawn:  Only uses Dove unscented soap to wash his hair and body and only uses Aveeno Lotion for his face and neck.  He does wear cologne sometimes but that’s about it.  He has very sensitive skin and has had Eczema since childhood which flares up frequently.
  • Wendy:  I only use either Organic shampoo and unscented Dove soap.  I usually use Aveeno Lotion as well for my face and neck and sometimes hands.  I use Spray perfumes like Ralph Lauren and Jean Paul Gaultier and even Scentsy Solid Satin Sheets Perfume.  I have sensitive skin too but no Eczema.   I have used lots of skincare products over the years but my current routine has been great for my face but not so much the rest of my skin.   I’m very lazy where skincare is concerned and have really dry skin because of it.
  • Alex:  uses Herbal Escessence Shampoo, Dove Soap and sometimes uses her Bath and Body Works Body Butter but, as a normal 14yr old girl, isn’t always good about taking care of her skin.  She also uses her Britney Spears spray Perfume here and there.  Alex has both Sensitive Skin and Eczema but doesn’t have flare ups as often as Shawn.
  • Sam:  As a typical 10yr old boy…he just uses whatever Soap and Shampoo is in whatever shower he’s in at that time.  I have to hunt and pin him down to put lotion on him but, he does put on his cheap Spray Cologne here and there.  Sam has sensitive skin too but no Eczema.

The Scentsy Layers Products we’re using for the Challenge:

We have all of the following Layers by Scentsy products here to mix-and-match over the next week to see what we like, how our skin reacts (if at all) and which Scentsy Layers we like the best.

  • Shower Gel:  Love Story, Enchanted Mist, Luna, Coconut Lemongrass, Quiver & Sugar Cookie
  • Shower Cream:  Luna, Enchanted Mist, Sugar Cookie, Quiver & Coconut Lemongrass
  • Body Lotion:  Coconut Lemongrass, Sugar Cookie, Quiver, Enchanted Mist and Luna
  • Body Butter:  Luna, Sugar Cookie and Coconut Lemongrass
  • Hand Cream:  Quiver, Love Story, Sugar Cookie, Enchanted Mist, Luna & Coconut Lemongrass
  • Body Spray:  Sugar Cookie, Quiver, Coconut Lemongrass, Luna & Enchanted Mist
  • Solid Perfume:  Satin Sheets, Linger, Midnight Fig, Quiver, RU N2 ME & My Wish
  • Washer Whiffs:  Quiver & Coconut Lemongrass
  • Dryer Disk:  Coconut Lemongrass & Quiver

Our Challenge and Goals:

Use ONLY Scentsy Layers for 7 days.  All 4 of us will use some, or all, of the above products before the end of our 7 day challenge and report our Daily Proback here for you daily.  If we have any adverse reactions or if our skin responds well we’ll let you know.  If we get compliments on how we fantastic we smell…we’ll report it here.  We’ll let you know our favorite scent combinations as well.  Additionally, I am washing all of our clothes with the Washer Whiffs & Dryer Disk’s for each load of laundry.   Our goal is to improve the overall condition of our skin while smelling great and reporting our results back to you!

Make sure to check back daily for our results! View all the Scentsy Layers Products

Shawn, Wendy, Alex & Sam Robinson

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