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Our Scentsy Layers 7 Day Experiment has been completed!

We posted this Challenge on our Blog on March 21st. For the past 7 days my family has been experimenting with all of the Scentsy Layers Products.  Shawn, myself, our 14yr old daughter Alex and our 10yr old son Sam all participated in this experiment.  Here are our Results:

Scentsy Layers Shower Products
Scentsy Layers Shower Products

Scentsy Layers Personal Care Products

  • ShawnWhat he used:  He only used Quiver Scentsy Layers products because after I smelled him the first day (after he showered with the Quiver Gel, Shower Cream and used the Quiver Body Butter and Body Lotion) I couldn’t stop smelling and complimenting him.  He LOVED my response to him so much that he’s been making sure to apply even the Quiver Solid Perfume daily and using the lotion throughout the day!  Personally, I really can’t stop smelling him.  He smells fantastic and while I thougth my favorite cologne on him was Façonnable, I am now a convert to Quiver.  Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating!  Skin Reaction:  Shawn has Eczema and very sensitive skin.  The first time he applied the body lotion to his neck it did sting for a minute (really) but this was the ONLY negative reaction he’s had to any of the products and never again since the first application.  His skin is softer than usual and he is now used to the daily routine of showering and then moisturizing with the Layers products.  He only used Dove Soap previously so this was a huge daily change for him.  I only used Quiver Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks on his clothing and towels and he loved the smell and had no adverse reactions.  Conclusion:  Shawn will continue to use Quiver products daily and is going to try and incorporate other scents to see if he likes anything better or even just the same.
  • Wendy:  What I used:  I used every single Sugar Cookie Scentsy Layers product available on Day 1.  I especially love the Body Butter.  The products were smooth and silky on my skin and at the end of the night my normally dry, ashy legs were still smooth and moisturized – thank you body butter.  On Day 2 I also used Sugar Cookie Layers and that night we had to go to an orientation for our Daughter’s school.  We ran into a bunch of parents we knew and after hugging one of our friends, Rikk, he looked at me and said, “You smell like a cake!” and then smiled.  He really like the scent.  Day 3 I used all of the Luna Layers.  Shawn liked this scent on me better than Sugar Cookie.  Day 4 I used all of the Luna Scentsy Layers products as well.  Day 5 was back to Sugar Cookie.  I wanted to try some of the other Layers Scents but I personally love the way Sugar Cookie smells.  Day 6 was a Luna day and Day 7, today, is all about Coconut Lemongrass.  What a fresh, clean scent.  I smell like Spring today!   Skin Reaction:  I too have sensitive skin and have only seen improvement after using all of the layers products daily.  I was most surprised at how easy it was to change my daily, simple and lazy routine, to one of more pampering and care.  My skin is much softer and is no longer ashy.  Even the heels of my feet and my legs are smooth and silky.    Conclusion:  I’m going to continue using all of the Scentsy Layers products and will start experimenting with layering different scents on one another.  I think I’m going to try a mix of Coconut Lemongrass and Sugar Cookie – that would smell like Lemon Cake I think!  Yum!
  • Alex:  What she used:  Coconut Lemongrass is her favorite Scentsy Layers Scent.  She showered with only the Coconut Lemongrass Gel and Cream and only wanted her clothes washed with these Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks.  She also used the body Lotion (every other day) and used the Enchanted Mist Solid Perfume.  She wasn’t as good about using the products every single day and I did have to remind her to use them.  It’s hard enough to get her to use regular lotion after a shower so this was expected.  Skin Reaction:  Alex also has Eczema and sensitive skin and she had no adverse reactions and really liked the Body Butter and Body Spray the most!  Conclusion:  She is going to keep trying the various Layers products and is going to work them into her daily routine.
  • Sam:  What he used:  Not much, to be honest.  Getting a 10yr old boy to stay still long enough to put lotion on him was a challenge.  I got him to use the Coconut Lemongrass Shower Gel and Cream at each shower.  Also, Shawn put Quiver Lotion in his hair one day (don’t know why) but Sam smelled fantastic too.  I was also able to get him to put some Sugar Cookie Body butter on his tummy, legs and neck one day and 2 days ago he allowed me to put Quiver Solid Perfume on his neck and wrists.  Skin Reaction:  None.  Sam also has sensitive skin and he had no adverse reactions.  He smelled really good when using Layers and he did tell me that he liked the Sugar Cookie scent the best.  Conclusion:  Not sure if Sam will voluntarily ask to use Layers but, if it’s in the Shower he WILL use it just because it’s there.  We’ll see if I can get him to try some different scents.

Scentsy Layers Laundry Care Products

I washed all of the kids clothes and sheets in Coconut Lemongrass Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks and used Quiver Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks on Shawn and My Sheets, clothes, towels, etc.  I love the scent of Quiver on our Sheets and Towels.  I’m not sure I like my clothes smelling like Quiver because I really just want to keep smelling this scent on Shawn!

Please feel free to Contact us for more information about Scentsy Layers Personal and Laundry Care Products!  If you call or email us we can tell you about our personal offers and specials just for you – our customers!

Thanks for reading our Blog!

Shawn, Wendy, Alex and Sam Robinson

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