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Shawn hosted a Scentsy party for one of our customers last week. He hadn’t hosted a party in over a year and was a bit anxious – he wanted to make sure he did a good job.

Shawn the Scentsy Man
Shawn the Scentsy Man

He put on his black Scentsy shirt paired with his jeans and took the bag of products for the party that I’d put together for him. Originally, he had picked out a button down shirt but I reminded him of our ‘be authentic’ motto…he was very happy to put on a T-Shirt!  One of the reasons Shawn hosted this party is because he’d mentioned to me that he’d always enjoyed them and wanted to get more involved in that aspect of our business. I was elated since hosting parties is probably my least favorite part of the business. Don’t get me wrong, the parties are always fun and easy to do but I prefer recruiting, training, team building, etc. – this is my love!

When we first started our Scentsy business we took turns hosting parties when we could. We always had some healthy competition to see who had the better parties – more sales, bookings, etc. Hands down, Shawn is the better Host. I don’t know if it’s his natural charm; that he’s a guy who’s in touch with his feminine side; that he truly enjoys hosting a party or his 20+ years of being a top salesman and knowing his craft.

Whatever the reason for his success, I always get comments from the Hostesses like, “oh, Shawn’s such a sweetheart” or “you’re so lucky!” which make me think that these ladies just love having a male host. When he came home from Wednesday’s party he said that one gal walked in and squealed, “ooohhh, a guy host!”  He thought it was cute – so did I.

Want Shawn to host a Scentsy Party for you?

Have you been looking for a Scentsy Consultant in Washington? If you are in the greater Everett, Seattle, Tacoma Metro area and would like to have Shawn host a Scentsy Party for you please give us a buzz!

Calling all guys!

Whether you have a spouse whose a consultant already or are someone who has thought about joining Scentsy, please know that as a guy…you have a lot of opportunity to kick some Scentsy booty! You don’t have to wear purple cutsey shirts or act like a cheerleader to run a Scentsy business.  Just be your Super macho & masculine self and you could be phenomenal – just they way you are! We’ve found that men love our Scentsy Candles just as much, if not more, than women do. If you’ve ever thought about joining a business opportunity then check out Scentsy!

We need more guys involved in our business! If you have an interest in Joining Scentsy and starting a business then contact us today!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors
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  • Tom Lewandowski

    As a guy on Shawn’s team, I truly know what they mean that men can do it better. There is just something special that happens when a guy is up there in front of the ladies. They become charmed by our animal magnetism, i guess! I love this business and Shawn and Wendy are some of the best directors around.

  • Mischa

    Ummmm, maybe I should get my handsome man to consider this opportunity as a part time gig? It’s a great way to set your Scentsy business apart from the rest and give woman a chance to get a male point of view on the scents they select. Equal opportunity Scentsy’ing….love it!

  • Shellie H

    Wow, I never would have thought of asking my hubby to even help host a party! But you know, he does like to give his opinion (however blunt) on the scents I use around our home. Too bad we don’t live in your area! Shawn might have been able to convince my honey to do it!

    BTW, I just hosted my first Scentsy party last month, and now I’m more addicted than ever to these products, lol!

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