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Nothing’s changed but the name and…a New Style!  Scentsy Nightlights, (AKA Night Light Warmers) formerly Nightlight Warmers, are beautiful and come in 2 options with different bases.   There are generally 25-30 Nightlights to choose from each season.

We have our ‘Nightlight Warmers’ and our ‘Glass Nightlight Warmers’ which work the same but use different bases.  (See Image below)

Scentsy Nightlights
Need Replacement Light Bulbs for your Nightlight?
All Nightlights use our specially made 15 Watt Bulbs. You can either purchase 1 bulb for $2.00 or a 3 Pack for $5.00 USD.  Please don’t purchase light bulbs from retail stores.  Most times they won’t fit or warm to the proper amount and you will waste your money.
Buy Light Bulbs

Need a Replacement Nightlight Base?
If your Night Light Base if faulty, call your Scentsy Consultant and see if you can replace it for FREE with our Lifetime Warranty.  If not, you can purchase a base for only $8.00 USD.  Make sure you check which base you need based on the pictures above.
Buy Replacement Nightlight Base

Only $20.00 USD Each!
That’s it!  When you Purchase a Scentsy Nightlight Warmer they are a super affordable way to make any room smell great.  Whether in your home, motor home, office or dorm room these small, cordless warmers can make an entire room smell great with our Scentsy Candle Wax warming in them.

Recommended Wax Usage?
Depending on the size of the room, the scent strength you are looking for I would recommend no more than 1 full Cube of wax.  Each Scentsy Candle Bar comes with 8 cubes.  In our Bathrooms we only use 1/4 or 1/2 of (1) Cube.  We use a knife and just cut out a small piece of wax.  That’s really all you need but, if you want a stronger scent throw, put in a full cube.  You know you need to change out your wax when you can’t smell it any longer!  And…  We easily clean out our Warmer in our Bathrooms by just taking some Tissue paper and soaking up the liquid wax and then wiping it with some extra tissue.  You can also use a Cotton Ball, let it soak up the wax and then use tissue to clean out remaining wax.  The longer option is to turn off your Warmer, let your wax dry and then pop it out with a butter knife.  VIOLA.  You are ready to put in some more scented wax!
Glass Warmer Tops Screw into the base and Regular Nightlights have a Screw and notches to attach to the base of the Night Lights.

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