Scentsy Nightlights Available in Canada again starting March 1, 2011

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You’ve been begging for their return – Scentsy Nightlights are back in Canada!

As of March 1st, when our Sprin/Summer Catalog comes out, Scentsy Nightlights will be making their return to Canada – new and improved! When we say New, we mean New Design, New to Canada and New Price.

New Nightlight Design

Scentsy took our Nightlight Products off Canadian shelves last year because we needed to reconfigure our electrical bases. While they were perfectly safe and had originally been approved they didn’t meet Canada’s strict standards. They do now though! The base has been redesigned to make the connection between the base and the Nightlight top more secure with a click-and-lock design! These new base units will only be available in Canada as of March 1st but will be made widely available to the United States later in the year.

We will update you on the new pricing at a later date but for now, just rejoice in the fact that Canadians who’ve been chomping at the bit for a Nightlight can now get one! We even have Scentsy Consultants in Canada who have waiting lists for Home Parties based on when Nightlight are going to be made available!

Here’s a link to a post that we made last year regarding the availability of Scentsy Nightlight in Canada:

So, if you are a Canadian, or want to purchase a Scentsy Nightlight Warmer for someone in Canada, you can check out all of our current Scentsy Products to see what is currently offered.  As of March 1st, you can visit us online at to purchase your very own Nightlight Warmer!

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