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What is Fragrance Foam?

Scentsy Fragrance Foam
Scentsy Fragrance Foam

Fragrance Foam is a NEW product that Scentsy added to our ‘Fragrances on the Go‘ collection. It was first introduced in our Fall/Winter 2010 Product line and is an Alcohol Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer. It comes out of the pump in a foam and smells and feels like scented lotion. One of the great things about this product is that it doesn’t burn when you have a paper cut!

My son is in 3rd grade and one of the key school supplies we, as parents, are required to supply is Purell Hand Sanitizer. This year, I sent in some Scentsy Fragrance Foam which was a big hit! Sam, our son, picked out one for his teacher too. The girls really loved it and he told me his fingers didn’t burn when he used the foam!

If you are a Teacher you should definitely try a bottle. It lasts a really long time, you and your students will love it and…it smells great while killing germs!

What Scents does the Foam come in?

There are 5 great scents to choose from:
Black Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut Lemongrass, Cucumber Lime, Havana Cabana and Lucky in Love. Hopefully we’ll have more scents to choose from when our Spring/Summer product line comes out March 1st.

To find out more about these, and other Scentsy Products, please visit online anytime!


  • Allyssa James

    I work as a school therapist, so this scented foam would be perfect for myself & all the high school kids that go in & out of my office each day! I cannot wait to try the Black Raspberry Vanilla!

  • Jill A. Collins

    As a massage therapist the foam would be great to take with me to chair massage events as there is not always running water available to wash one’s hands between clients. The Cucumber Lime sounds perfect for this as I imagine it would have a clean smell to it!

  • Sara Cheney-Slocum

    Sounds fab, but curious if leaves your hands sticky? Some products that I have used in the past leave me feeling sticky.

    • Hi Sara,

      Good question! Nope, no sticky feeling at all. Actually, your hands feel silky afterwards. Lotion is really thick and greasy at times but this is very light because it’s in a foam. It’s really a great product and last a really long time!


  • Ivonna Freeman

    This sounds like a great product. When the new flavors for the summer/spring launch I would consider ordering it. I can’t wait to see what they will be.

  • Cheryl Midkiff

    Wow! I had never heard of this, this is awesome. I hate the alcohol smell that hand sanitizer leaves behind and most of the scents from Bath & Body works still seem to have that alcohol smell. I am definitely going to look into these! We use sanitizer all the time to protect our family from the flu and other bugs!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Kay Maignaud

    This would be great for little hands since the alcohol drys them out. I love sanitizer–with alcohol without alcohol…but especially with scents.

    Also, just a hint….alcohol sanitizers remove permanent marker from surfaces.

  • Darby Sawtelle

    As a total germophobe, I will definitely be looking into this! I’m constantly applying hand sanitizer, but then applying lotion immediately after because my hands get so dry.

  • Kimberlee Patton

    I am so glad I read this article, I like that the foam is alcohol free! I haven’t tried this foam but I look forward to trying it. I am going to tell my mom about this too she always carrys some type of antibacterial lotion with her but she too doesn’t like the alohol content it just seems to dry out your hands too much. Thanks for this great alternative!!

  • sarah

    I would love to try this foam. I am new to the whole scentsy thing and I too have to send in hand sanitizer to my sons school. He’s in second grade and I bet his teachers would love this

  • Sasha

    Love the Frangrance Foam! I have severe excema on my fingers, and it is so wonderful to use something that cleans my hands/smells wonderful and doesn’t burn! Thanks Ms. Wendy for introducing me too it!

  • Cathy V

    Black Raspberry Vanilla sounds delicious! Are these the same scents your candles are in? I really need to do some more research to see what all Scentsy has to offer. 🙂

  • Syah Hernandez

    I am a hand sanitizer freak! lol I love foam soaps, so I have to try this for sure! Can’t wait to see what extra scents they come out with.

  • Amanda Hatfield

    This is a great find for me! I work in EMS and am constently using hand cleaner, and to have it smell great is an added plus!

  • Lisa Burkholder

    This sounds like a great product! I have two boys ages 2 and 4 so this would be a big help when we are out shopping or playing! Thanks!

  • Melissa Brown

    I have not had the chance to sample this product yet, but I am going to a scentsy party next month so I will ask about it. I was wondering if it was sticky afterwards, but as I read on it seems to leave them silky! Neat!

  • Julie Stratton

    I love the idea of the foam. The lotion sanitizers do tend to be sticky and don’t want to absorb very well. I would love to try the Coconut Lemongrass.

  • Shellie Hoyt

    Wow, I did not know about this product yet! And I LOVE Scentsy!! What is the active ingredient in it, since it is alcohol-free?

  • Leslie Smith

    My friend gave me a bottle of Black Raspberry Vanilla and I love it! It feels a little tackier than the Bath & Body Works stuff but that wears off by the time it dries and it smells so much better! And like the post says, it doesn’t burn if you have a cut.

  • Syah H.

    I won a bottle of the Havana Cabana, and while I’m not a huge fan of the scent, I am a huge fan of the foam. You are right about it not burning! I had a scratch on my finger (thanks to grooming my Persian) & no burn! Yay!

  • Mischa

    The fragrance foams are a wonderful product! I’ve been using them for the past 4 months and truly like them over all other brands. And the no burn factor is SUPER, especially for someone like me who crafts and gets cuts on the daily. Fragrance foams are a keeper…now if I can just get Scentsy to sell it in Honey Pear Cider 😉

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