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BUY SCENTSY LIGHT BULBS HERE for $2.  We hear from people all the time, from all across the country, who don’t know how to find a replacement Scentsy light bulb to fit into their Candle Warmer. Just so you know…Scentsy light bulbs come in 3 different sizes. We sell replacement light bulbs here for all three warmer sizes and each bulb is only $2 each.



Which Watt for which Warmer?

Our 25 Watt Light bulb fits all of our Full-Size warmers. The 20 Watt Light bulbs fit all of our Mid-Size warmers and our 15 Watt bulbs fit all of our Nightlight Warmers. Scentsy light bulb sizes come in 25, 20 and 15 watt

Can I buy Scentsy Light Bulbs at Walmart or another store?

While you can try to shop in a Walmart or hardware store for a replacement Scentsy Light Bulb for your warmer you will have a very difficult time finding the right size for each warmer along with the proper wattage.

For example, you might be able to purchase a 15 watt bulb to put in our Nightlight warmer but may find that the bulb doesn’t fit properly (too tall, too short, too wide) or that the warmer may get too hot or not warm enough.

Scentsy has made our light bulbs specifically for our warmers. Using a bulb with a higher wattage could cause damage or fire when used improperly.  Scentsy candles are safe when used properly and with the proper replacement parts.  We sell our replacement light bulbs at a great price and are very affordable…they are only $1 and they can last a really long time!

To re-order your Scentsy light bulbs and other Replacement Parts Scentsy Products, please visit us online at Scentsy Online.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

People are always asking, Can you Buy Scentsy Bulbs at Walmart? Be aware.  When you search in google for Scentsy Bulbs Walmart you will get Walmart as the first place to buy light bulbs for your warmer.  Scentsy Light Bulbs are exclusive and other light bulbs will not work, warm our Wax properly and could also VOID your Warranty.

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  • Syah H.

    I found it was nearly impossible to find a bulb that would fit correctly, especially at walmart. I think it would be a good idea to always have a spare on hand. Can’t beat it for only a buck.

  • Eva-Marie

    That makes it so nice, and simple, no driving around, or trying to figure out right sie ect. For only a buck, you for sure can’t beat that. i guess it would be a good idea if you are getting one as a gift for someone, to go ahead and order one of the spare bulbs for it too.

  • Shellie H

    I should have a few bulbs on hand. My warmers are all fairly new, so I haven’t had to replace any yet. Whenever one goes out, I guess I will have an excuse (oh, darn!) to place a Scentsy order, lol! The price is great, but if I have to pay shipping I may as well order some bricks or bars too.

  • Heather B.

    I’ve heard several people say the bulbs you find at the hardware stores don’t warm up enough to melt the wax. I’d rather get the right bulb from Scentsy!

  • Wanda Moore

    Yes, but they don’t mention that you have to pony up $5.00 for shipping to get that $1.00 bulb, so your cost is actually a lot higher. I ended up ordering 5 bulbs just to make the shipping more reasonable, so the cost for me per bulb is $2.00. Not quite so happy with my warmer as before 🙁

    • Hi Wanda,

      Good point. Scentsy use to have a flat 10% shipping rate but it cost’s way more than 10 Cents for postage to send out a lightbulb so they had to come up with a flat $5 shipping charge on orders from $1 to $50 and then 10% from there up. I always recommend, to my customers, that they order 1 replacement bulb for each warmer they order – when they order it. This makes things easier and cheaper in the long run.

      I do offer all of my customers a Free Lightbulb (including shipping) when they run out and most consultants offer similar customer service. Did you check with your consultant prior to ordering your bulbs? They might have been able to help you. This is the benefit of having a regular consultant…great service and support.


  • Joshua

    Actually its $6.48 when you count taxes and shipping which is a little upsetting considering this thing was given to me as a valentines gift to overpower the smell of my gassy dog but it didn’t have a bulb in the box with the warmer and apparently no stores actually carry the right size bulb..$6.48 just seems slightly ridiculous for one bulb

    • Hi Joshua…I’m sorry to hear that you paid that much for a light bulb. I wish you would’ve contacted Scentsy to get a lightbulb sent to you as a courtesy or called a consultant as most of us give lightbulbs to our customers for free. Please feel free to contact us with any of your future needs. 425-442-0909

  • Carolyn

    I used to have a regular scentsy rep but getting anything from him has become a nightmare. I think all my burners and nightlights need new lightbulbs and now he will not even return my calls after I spent 400.00 with him. This frustrates me. Just had to vent.

  • Julie

    Yeah I was going to order 4, 15 wt bulbs for mine then the cost of shipping was 8.00$ total $12.00 for 4 bulbs seems too high fo high for me.

  • Alyson

    I’ve been looking all over to replace the bulbs in my full size and mid size warmers. No luck! And while $1 is great for a lightbulb, the $5 shipping is not! Seeing as I am no longer speaking to my consultant to get new ones ill continue looking around. Bad experience with my consultant. I’m about to switch to a whole new product all together.

  • Ricardo Kilzer

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  • Karen

    Wow! $8.00 to ship a $1 light bulb to my house. After four years my light has gone out and I have been looking for a replacement. When I saw that the light bulb was only $1 on your site I was really excited. I love my Scentsy and have been really sad that it has run out. So I thought “What the heck? How much can they charge me for a $1 bulb?” Apparently $8.00. For it to be worth the price I would have to order more bulbs that I could ever need. This is very disappointing and I am now not sure if I will continue my search for a replacement light bulb, or replace my Scentsy with something different.

    • You know Karen, there is another alternative…call or email us! We’ll take care of you. Scentsy use to charge a flat 10% shipping but $0.10 didn’t cover the cost of shipping a single light bulb…in a safe manner…not even close. The best way to purchase them is by contacting a Scentsy Consultant Directly – like us! 😉 425-442-0909

  • Beckylynne

    WOW Karen consider yourself VERY lucky indeed. I received two Scentsys for Christmas and the nightlight bulb blew out in Feb. and now the large bulb just blew yesterday and it is just May. So one lasted 2 months and one lasted 5 months. Now to find out I have to pay this much to get replacement bulbs is ridiculous! There should be a guarantee that the bulbs will at least last a couple of years for the price you pay. Very frustrated indeed!

    • Beckylynne,

      I think that $1 for a Lightbulb is very reasonable. Every home and electrical system is different. I know some people who bust bulbs all the time while mine are on 24/7 and it’s generally years before I need to change one out. Scentsy Consultants, like us, are here to help you. There are local consultants to you who would happy sell you bulbs for $1 without a shipping cost and I always give my customers, those who’ve purchased from me, Free bulbs each year if they need 1 or 2.

      Have you tried calling any consultants? I know you haven’t called me to see if I can help you. A phone call can go a very long way!


  • beckylynne

    Hi Wendy,
    I thought it was $1.00 for the bulb and $5.00 for shipping for each one? That would cost me $12.00 to replace them both. Since I have not had them very long I did think that was expensive considering what they both cost. I do not know the consultant as my DH purchased them for me for Christmas. I will call you soon.

  • debi cooke

    I have a phobia about ordering anything on line. My consultant no longer sells this product and I need a consultant in my area. How does one go about finding one????

  • I am having difficulty maneuvering the website to order bulbs for my burners. For some reason, I find it not very user friendly. Not sure why. After putting in all information requested, I constantly get error messages that something is missing, not enough letters or numbers, etc., etc. etc.

  • Mona

    I have tried the bulbs from lows they do not get warm enough for my nightlight I don’t like their bulbs even for my large warmers .i would like to order some from you ok

    • Admin

      Hi Lindsay, It changed September 2014 after 10yrs of never increasing the price. We were offering them for $1 as a courtesy for way too long.

  • Joann Mosher

    I was given a Scentsy warmer several years ago. I’m not sure if it is a medium or a large warmer. I no longer have the bulb that was in it. Is there a way to tell which bulb I need?

    • Admin

      Hi Joann, Great question. On the inside of your warmer (under the dish) there is a little silver sticker with the Wattage of the bulb for that warmer. It would say 25 or 20 watt. Our nightlight warmers (no cords) are all 15 Watt.

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