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What is Scentsy all about?

Scentsy Red Snowflake Full-Size Warmer
Scentsy Red Snowflake Full-Size Warmer

This was a question we asked ourselves.  3yr ago my husband and I didn’t even know what “a Scentsy” was.  Scentsy is not just your typical Direct Sales Party Plan Company. Our Company Mission Statement is:

“To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses, and Inspire the Soul.”

In the 3yrs we’ve been Scentsy Consultants we’ve come to not only love Scentsy Products and working our own Scentsy business but…we feel a part of something much bigger than ourselves – helping others achieve their goals and dreams.  Scentsy Candles Warmers are a safe alternative to scented wicked candles! Our Scentsy Warmers melt and warm the candle wax releasing the scent fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets. Buy Scentsy and make your home a safer environment and say goodbye to soot for good!

What are Scentsy’s Products?

Scentsy started out offering Full-Size Warmers and Scented Candle bars. Since 2004, when the company was founded, our product line has expanded to include more than just Safe Candle Products:

  • Premium Full-Size Warmers: Extra time and care is required to create Scentsy’s Premium Full-Size Warmers. Hand painting, multiple glazes, decorative ornaments, and distinctive shapes combine to create one-of-a-kind, intricate works of art.
  • Full-Size Warmers:  Express your individuality and make a statement in any room with a Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4.5” wide and 6” tall.
  • Campus Collection of Full-Size Warmers:  Scentsy’s Campus Collection Warmers are the perfect way to show your team spirit—and they make great gifts for the alum or sports fan on your shopping list! And when you purchase a Campus Collection Warmer, you also help fund important NCAA school programs.  Currently we have over 70 Collegiate warmers to choose from!
  • Premium Mid-Size Warmers:  Find the same craftsmanship we use to create our top-of-the-line Full-Size Warmers in Scentsy’s Premium Mid-Size Warmers. Enjoy incredible attention to detail and excellent design in a smaller size.
  • Mid-Size Warmers:  Add Scentsy style to smaller spaces with the Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4” wide and 5” tall.
  • Nightlight Warmers:  With Nightlight Scentsy Warmers, you still get amazing fragrance in even the smallest spaces. Now available in a range of colors and designs, each nightlight features a detachable base, making it quick and easy to change fragrances.
  • DIY Warmers:  Customize a Full-Size DIY Scentsy Warmer with a stylish Theme Pack. Decorate the perfect gift for your next birthday party, baby shower, or graduation! DIY Warmers are blank canvases awaiting your creativity—and with so many warmers and Theme Packs to choose from, the possibilities are endless.
  • DIY Theme Packs:  Easy-to-apply DIY Theme Packs allow you to change the look of your DIY Scentsy Warmer as often as you like. Each Theme Pack includes three transfer sheets.
  • Scentsy Buddy: For the child in your life or the child in you, the Scentsy Buddy™ is always ready with a big dose of fragrance! Snuggle your Buddy for a great night’s sleep or make outings fun when you bring a playful friend along. The Scentsy Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion—and there for you no matter what.  Each Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak™ and bring your Buddy to life with comforting scents.
  • Fine Fragrances:  Introducing Scentsy’s fresh twist on fine fragrance. Enjoy our most beautiful scents, reformulated as fine-fragrance perfumes that work with body chemistry to create a captivating Scentsy experience that is uniquely yours.
  • Scentsy Candle Bars:  Refresh your home with Scentsy’s authentic wickless candles. Simply break off portions of your favorite Scentsy Bars and add them to a warmer for long-lasting fragrance!  Available in more than 80 scents.
  • Scentsy Candle Bricks:  Can’t get enough of your favorite Scentsy fragrance? Buy the economical and convenient Scentsy Brick. Available in all fragrances.
  • Fragrance Foam:  Nowhere near a sink? Sanitize your hands with Scentsy’s new antibacterial Fragrance Foam. Available in 15 fresh scents.
  • Scent Paks:  Toss it. Hang it. Stash it. The Scent Pak is the perfect size for your purse or gym bag, and fits snugly inside the zippered pocket on your Scentsy Buddy. Available in 30 fragrances.
  • Scent Circles:  Our logo never smelled so good! Hang freely in cars, lockers, and closets. Packed with scent, each will give you weeks of Scentsy wherever you go. Available in all fragrances.
  • Room Sprays:  Perfect for closets, linens, and hotel rooms. One spray fills a room with your favorite Scentsy fragrance. Available in all fragrances.
  • Travel Tins:  Portable and convenient, simply open your Travel Tin to release Scentsy fragrance. The more you open it, the more fragrance you get! Perfect anywhere you need a touch of Scentsy. Available in 29 fragrances, including Leather.

Scentsy has Products for the Entire Family!  You can Buy Scentsy from Independent Consultants in person, online, at parties, fairs, shows and from fundraisers.  BUY SCENTSY HERE!

The Scentsy Business Opportunity

Like I mentioned above, my Husband and I are Scentsy Consultants. This is our Personal Blog about all things Scentsy and you can not only purchase Scentsy Online from us but…you can also Join our Scentsy Team! Currently, you can Join Scentsy in the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, the UK & Ireland. Shawn & I have a large team of consultants in all of these areas (except for Ireland) currently. 80% of what we focus on in our business is training and mentoring our team, or downline.

Prices to Join Scentsy vary from every country but to join in the United States is just $99.00 plus shipping and tax.  While the Scentsy Opportunity has changed our lives you need to know that there is more to purchasing a Start-Up Kit to become successful.  We work hard to not only grow our personal business but to also help our team grow theirs.  You want to interview potential Sponsors and make sure you Join under a consultant who you not only like but who can also help you reach your goals.  Anyone can Sell Scentsy!

Contact us now to find out more about Joining Scentsy and starting your own candle business.  Whether you are looking to just have fun, support your Scentsy habit or change your life…Scentsy IS the best Business Opportunity out in the market today.  We’re still a small company and there’s no better time to Join than right now!  JOIN SCENTSY TODAY!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson

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