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Scentsy Scented Candle Bar winner of the day is Guava Nectar!

Scentsy Guava Nectar Scented Candle Bar
Guava Nectar Scented Candle

This is my daughter’s favorite Scented Candle bar right now! It is fresh and sweet and smells like one of our favorite tropical drinks – POG (Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava).  Guava Nectar is currently warming in her room right now in her Zebra warmer.

The Official Scentsy Product description for this scented candle bar is: An invigorating tropical blend of guava nectar, persimmon, grapefruit, and black currant. While the scent description leaves out the passion fruit and orange, I’m telling you that if you’ve ever had POG then you’ll agree with us!  Scentsy hit a home run for us with this scent!

The Guava Nectar Candle bar is part of our Scentsy Café Collection.  When this scent first came out in our Spring/Summer 2010 catalog I hadn’t thought that it should have been part of this collection.  I thought it should’ve been included in our Tropical Collection.  Now though, I’m convinced that since it smells like a drink it was properly placed.

Contact us for your FREE Sample of Guava Nectar and let us know what you think of this scent!  Contact us via our website at today!


  • Tom Lewandowski

    This is my absolute favorite. I ordered a brick right away! It smells so good before the warming, and during, it smells even better. A must buy in my opinion!

  • Syah H.

    Okay, I never had any interest in trying Guava Nectar, until NOW! Your description about it smelling like the drink has me really anxious to try it out!

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