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Sugar Cookie is the Scented Candle of the day!

Sugar Cookie Bar
Sugar Cookie Scentsy Candle Bar

Sugar Cookie is a Warm, Sweet blend of butter, sugar and creamy vanilla. This is the Official description from Scentsy.

Shawn and I are suckers for the Bakery Collection.  I don’t generally bake so it’s always surprising to me when Shawn comes home, after I put Sugar Cookie in our warmers, and checks the oven for the “Cake” I baked.  It cracks me up!  I use this scent at bazaars and home shows the most because it’s the most identifiable scent to most people.

So, if you’re looking for a scented candle to warm your home that smells yummy and gives you a craving for baked goods… Sugar Cookie is the scent for you!  Get yours today online at

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  • Syah H.

    Well, if burning this one has Shawn looking in the oven, then I may need to pass on this scent for now. We are dieting. lol

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