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NEW! Silhouette Wraps

This has got to be one of the coolest collections Scentsy has ever come out with – The Silhouette Wraps Collection! It’s a really cool idea to offer a simple, porcelain Full-Size Scentsy Warmer that allows light to shine through each organically patterned Wrap…AWESOME! My husband and I just love this new collection and have one of the the Lili Silhouette Wraps in our bedroom, on my Dresser. It perfectly fits in with the metal knobs on our furniture and our wrought iron bed. Shawn likes this one, in particular, because it’s pretty and romantic (seriously) and I like it because it lets off enough light to make our room glow while not being so bright that I can’t sleep.  Each of the Silhouette Wraps is made of metal.
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How it works:

The cost is $40.00 to purchase a “Core” full-size warmer and then you select which of the Silhouette Wraps you’d like to go with it…Lili, Linden or Loom. You can also purchase each wrap separately for $12.00 so you can change the style out depending on your mood, season, lighting needs, etc.

Each Silhouette Wrap has a ‘cut-out’ or ‘notch’ to go on top of the Warmer’s cord.  Just slide the Silhouette Wrap on top of the warmer and turn it on.  Wraps ONLY fit on the specially designed Core (You cannot purchase the warmer Core separately)

Don’t forget, these are Candle Warmers! Make each Silhouette Wrap Warmer even better by pairing it with your favorite Candle Bar Scented wax. Our favorite Scent to use in our bedroom is a Satin Sheets Candle in our Lili Silhouette Wrap.

Silhouette Wraps options:

  • Lili:  Groovy flower-power petals lend a fun and funky look to any room
  • Linden:  An outbloom of leaflets create a subtle mesmerizing pattern when lit
  • Loom:  Threads of wire-thin metal are woven into a whimsical nest
Scentsy Silhouette Warmer and Wraps Collection
Scentsy Silhouette Warmer and Wraps Collection


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