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What a glow!

Truly, Scentsy has done it again. When I went to our Scentsy Spring Sprint in Portland last month we got a sneak peak at the new  Candle Warmers and Nightlights that were being introduced. I took one look at the New Tea Rose Nightlight and fell in love.

Scentsy Tea Rose Nightlight
Scentsy Tea Rose Nightlight

I Love that it has a classic look to it, is simple yet elegant.  While I don’t care for real Roses I think that they are very pretty.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one come March 1st – neither can my Mom.

How to use your Nightlight

I think that people don’t realize that you can leave your Nightlight on 24/7. You don’t even have to put a Candle Bar in it if you don’t want to. When it’s off it is a beautiful white. When on, it can be used as a night light and a candle wax warmer. Also, did you know that you can turn the Nightlight base so it works in outlets that are sideways and upside down?

Also, I only use some scrapings or cut one cube of wax into 1/4. For a bathroom or kitchen you don’t need to use a full cube to get the full essence of the scent. Also, more than one cube can make it overflow which can be messy.

When I tell people about all of it’s uses they snap up Nightlights! They are a great pairing with our Full-Size Warmers! To get your own Tea Rose Warmer, check us out online at on March 1st to view our entire line of Scentsy Products.

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  • Mischa

    This is a beutifullt designed nightlight sutited well with those who have a floral or elegant decor in their home. The glow is quite inviting! Also, I agree; I often put just one cuble in my nightlight and it makes my whole downstairs smell delightful for 5 days non-stop on average…love it!

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