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What’s in a Scent?

Until recently I never really understood just how much is involved in making one scent, or fragrance as you will. I recently had the opportunity to visit Scentsy Corporate and meet with our head fragrance guru. I get questions all the time from customers, and even other consultants, that I learned the answers to and would like to share them with you all:

We have Fine Fragrance Solid Perfumes, Scented Candle Wax, Scent Packs, Room Sprays, Travel Tins, Fragrance Foams and Scent Circle’s. While we may use Natural Jasmine oil in our Perfumes we may use Synthetic Jasmine in our other scented items. Check out all of our Scentsy Products.

Are you Anosmic to certain scents? Anosmia is where you either temporarily, or permanently, lose your ability to smell a scent/odor generally do to becoming ‘use to’ that scent/odor. For example, if you’ve worn a favorite perfume for years you may think it doesn’t smell strong any longer unless you put a ton on. You may be anosmic to that scent. To avoid becoming Anosmic to a particular Scentsy Scent we recommend you change your scents out regularly and not use the same scent more than once a week.

Scentsy uses both Natural & Synthetic oils & ingredients
What are Essential Oils? Natural oils extracted from plants and flowers.
What are Absolutes? Natural materials extracted from plants and flowers.
What are Synthetic? Man-made scents that duplicate a particular fragrance.

There are 2,000 – 5,000 different ingredients that perfumers use to create fragrance formulas.

Scentsy is known, in the fragrance world, as a “fruity” scent company because of the amount of Citrus and Fruity notes we use in each of our fragrances/scents.

All of our Citrus Scents are made of Natural Oils…not Synthetic. Did you know that Synthetic Oils are just as safe, if not safer, than Natural Oils.

A Scentsy Candle Bar, kept in a cool dark place, will keep it’s intended scent for up to 1yr. You can still use it after 1 year but the intended scent may change when warmed.

If you put your Candle Bars in ziplock baggies and put them in the freezer…they will last forever! Who knew?

There are 9 different Olfactive Fragrance Families used to make fragrances:
Citrus – Fresh, Clean, Tart, or Sparkling
Fruit – Juicy, Ripe or Sweet
Floral – Soft, Full-Bodied, Heady or Sweet
Green – Herbaceous, Grassy, Minty
Spice – Dry, Warm or Rich
Gourmand – Creamy, Baked, Edible
Woody – Earthy, Green, Dry, Resinous
Ozonic – Crisp, Fresh, Marine or Airy
Musk – Sweet, Powdery, Animalic

There’s also a structure of fragrance design consisting of 3 layers:
Top Notes are the Initial Impact
Mid/Heart Notes are the Predominant Character
Base/Dry Down Notes are Long Lasting

I think it’s really cool to understand why some scents last longer than others, that Natural Citrus Oil will burn your skin but not synthetic and that Patchouli is a base note in most fragrances…period!I hope you learned something new about Scentsy Fragrances – I did! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have or leave your comments below.


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