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Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson, made an appearance on Fox Business News today. He discusses how Scentsy came about, why he and wife (and Scentsy President) Heidi Thompson, chose not to file bankruptcy when they were $700k in debt; what Scentsy is and how the business model works and why Direct Sales is the best way to showcase our products.

If you are looking for a great Business Opportunity then you need to check out Orville’s interview below.

Scentsy has been the best business decision that we’ve ever made. This is the first Holiday Season, in over 8yrs, that we aren’t stressed about money and finances. To learn more about the Scentsy Opportunity visit our website at

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Shawn & Wendy Robinson
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  • Mischa

    This was quite an informative video and inspirational too. Great insight to the background and grassroots start of Scentsy. The host is a little abrasive (I know she’s trying to be engaging…but geez). This heightened my respect and interest even more in Scentsy.

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