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Scentsy Grab Tab for Nightlights Warmers
Scentsy Grab Tab for Nightlight Warmers

Have you seen Scentsy’s New Grab Tab for Nightlight Warmers? If not, you should check them out!

How do you use them?

When you purchase a Scentsy Nightlight Warmer you get a Free Grab Tab with each one! Grab Tab’s are are a flexible plastic that you insert into your Nightlight when you are ready to change out your wax. You put the tab into your warm wax, turn off your Nightlight and when the candle wax cools it will form to the Grab Tab! You just lift up the tab a viola…no mess! They are the newest offering from our Spring/Summer Catalog Product Line.

Grab Tabs for Nightlight Warmers
Grab Tabs for Nightlight Warmers

While it may seem like a great idea to put a Grab Tab in your Nightlight while it’s on but…the tabs may weaken and break if left in. You can purchase a set of 25 Grab Tabs for just $3.00. I know that my Nightlight can be quite warm when I want to change out wax and I’m also kinda clumsy which means that I’ve spilled wax many a time! Thank you Scentsy for coming up with this great product!

To get your own Grab Tabs please visit us online at


  • Ricki L.

    These look pretty neat. Will they only work for the Nightlight Warmers? Also, how would you store the wax after it’s removed? Or is this only for when you’re completely done with the wax and would be throwing it out..?

  • Lisa Robertson

    I love the grab tabs! I am wondering if you place the tabs in the warmer “before” the wax cubes so it remains there the entire duration or do you just place it in the melted wax once you decide to change the fragrance? thanks!

  • Amber Hoang

    I’m so glad you guys decided to post this–I have heard about these, but the website doesn’t give much info. It makes a lot more sense now! Thank you! I googled the grab tabs, came here and have now been perusing your site for over an hour 🙂 I entered to win your monthly contest as well!! I would LOVE Ribbert the Frog and the Chateau mid-sized warmer! Hopefully I win!

  • Mischa

    These grab tabs are pure and simple genius! They save time, decrease the potential for messes and blend in with the nightlight. A real value-add from Scentsy! 🙂

  • Debbie

    I just noticed these Grab Tabs!! I will defiantly be buying these, not just for myself but for my daughter also. I will put these in her Easter Basket along w/her new Scentsy items I will be buying for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons.
    Glad she has her own home, otherwise we would be at odds for what scent we would want to be smelling!! 🙂

  • Eva-Marie

    Wow, Someone really has their thinking cap on with the grab tabs. It would be so easy, and convient to use the grab tabs and just pop the harden wax out, over pouring the wax out and making a huge mess. I love it.

  • Heather B.

    Love the new Grab Tabs! Though, won’t you be able to see the part that you grab sticking out of the top of the warmer? Or do you put them in after the wax has melted, and before it solidifies when you want to take it out?

  • Nan Bixby

    I think it is great they came out with these tabs. I am anxious to try some in my nightlights. I wish they would come up with something similar for the Full and Mid sized warmers.

  • Shellie H

    Sa-weet invention! I’d really love to try these out, and next time I order Scentsy I hope I remember to snag a pack. Like Nan, I wish they would offer a similar do-hickey for the other warmers as well.

    Now: how to keep guests from bumping my Nightlight in the bathroom–I need an invention for that!

  • Cara Schneider

    I like the grab tabs and $3 is not a bad price to pay to keep from spending HOURS cleaning up wax that I would be clumsy enough to

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