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Sneak Peak at Scentsy’s Fall/Winter Catalog!

In addition to some product changes, like the addition of a New Premium Line of Full Size and Midsize Warmers, Scentsy has added some New Warmer Collections, A New Scent Category, A line of Solid Roll On Perfumes, 2 New Scentsy Buddy’s and…new Multi & Combo packs.

There is so much we are excited to share with you. Let us know what you are most looking forward to purchasing on September 1st:

New Toscana Full-Size Warmer Collection $35ea:

Aia, Fiore and Chianti. These warmers are part of our New Premium Collection. These warmers are one-of-a-kind, intricate works of art! The Aia warmer has a Rooster emblem, Fiore warmer has a Flower and the Chianti warmer has Grapes. They are so beautiful and would look great in your office or home!  This highly collectible trio was inspired by three of the most popular themes in Tuscan design.

New Hero Full-Size Warmer Collection $35ea:
Firefighter and Police Officer.  The Firefighter warmer is red with a black top and black bottom and has a metal FD Face Plate with ‘Fire’ on top, ‘Department’ on the bottom, picture of axes on the left and a fire hydrant on the right. Our Police Officer warmer also has a black dish and bottom but the warmer is blue.  It has a badge on the front stating “police officer’ with ‘PD’ below…just like a shield.  These warmers are perfect for the station, in your home or anywhere you want to proudly support Police and Fire rescue professionals.

New Premium Individual Full-Size Warmers $35ea:

Jane Full-Size  Warmer has scrolling, wrought-iron details frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column.  The window almost looks like frosted glass with a glow behind it.  Just beautiful.

Flint Full-Size Warmer and Shale Full-Size Warmer are made out of  Natural Slate.  These are the 1st Warmers Scentsy has introduced with made out of this type of stone.  The stone varies in tone and texture – even more than a reactive – glaze, meaning each one will have unique details. Flint is crafted in natural green slate, while Shale is made of black slate. Inside each warmer, a wrought iron trivet supports a dish made of sea green glass.

Pueblo Full-Size Warmer is inspired by ancient canyon dwellings, and it’s Southwestern design is set on a sun-baked terracotta-colored background.

Trellis Full-Size Warmer has a lush, flowering vine climbing up a stately, carved column which adds a touch of garden grandeur to any room.  It’s a beautiful warmer that would be a beautiful addition to any room!

Marshall Full-Size Warmer is very polished looking and has a leather belted feel to it with a marshall’s star that looks like a belt buckle!

Silvervine Full-Size Warmer is the first of it’s kind as well!  Silvervine recalls the days of hand-forged metalwork, featuring an ornate, botanical motif on a subtle pattern of tiny beads.

New Individual Full-Size Warmers $30ea:

Crinkle Full-Size Warmer glows when turned on!  It has undulating ridges that radiate across the warmer like waves rippling away from a skipped stone.

Cemental Full-Size Warmer is more of a matte style.  It has a long vine that wraps around and is more of a cement grey color.

Strata Full-Size Warmer is inlaid with bricks of burnt umber, mesmerizing organic pattern which resonates in shades of rust, gold and brown.  This is a really earthy warmer!

New Premium Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers $30ea:
Scentsy’s Nursery collection is now part of our Premium Warmer collection as well as our ABC Warmer.  Extra care, time and artistry are required to make these warmers in addition to using higher end materials.

Cupcake Mid-Size Warmer is our only 3-Piece warmer!  The top lid of Frosting comes off!

Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers $25ea:

New Mod Collection:
Our new Mod Collection is designed for the trendsetter. Each warmer in this trio—Rosso, Cosmos, and Hydro – combines a classic shape with a modern pattern, up-to-the minute color, and a high-gloss finish.

New Individual Mid-Size Warmers:

Chisel Mid-Size Warmer is very earthy and actually looks like it has been chiseled!  Sand and grey colors.

Graphite Mid-Size Warmer has an intricate, inky pattern that weaves its way across a charcoal background in this understated warmer.

La Paz Mid-Size Warmer has a matte serpentine design that is pressed into a richly pigmented maroon background, fusing a contemporary shape with European-inspired design.

NEW Nightlight Warmers $20ea:

Boho Chic Nightlight WarmerCharity Nightlight Warmer, Charlemagne, Wrangler and Lenore Nightlight Warmers are all New Mini versions of our favorite Full-Size Warmers.

Pop Nightlight Warmer, when off, is red with circles of white.  When on, the white and red glow!  Punctuate your decor with Pop! and watch soft light shine through the bold design.

Santa Fe Nightlight Warmer conjures up images of New Mexico with this weathered taupe warmer accented by a pressed silver and turquoise medallion.

BUY ONLINE September 1st, 2011

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  • so much to comment on, watched the video of new solid perfume, how cool,

    my husband is a mason, looking forward to strata to see if it goes with our new brick, tuscan kitchen

    charity nightlight is a definite must, plus one of every new scent, can’t wait

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