Scentsy's Scent and Warmer of the Month for March…watch the video!

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It might be ‘cheesy’ but I thought it’d be fun to post a video of me opening and smelling, for the first time, our Warmer and Scent of the month for March. Our Scentsy WOTM (Warmer of the Month) is Dotty. Our SOTM (Scent of the Month) is Jumpin Jelly Bean.

Find out what I think of our March Candle Warmer and Scent!  Both will be available for purchase on March 1st!  Please feel free to email us at to get your FREE SAMPLE of Jumpin Jelly Bean mailed to you!

Please visit us at to check out all of our great Scentsy Products online anytime!


  • So, I did turn on the scent and it does smell exactly like the bar! Scentsy describes this scent as: Crisp pear and apple with zesty lemon in a base of mouth-watering sugar and fun and fruity sweetness.

    I definitely smell the sugar and the fruityness…mostly the pear I think. It smells really good!


  • Tammy Tate

    I love the video, what a great idea! The Dotty warmer is so cute, reminds me of an Easter eggs 🙂 I am definetly going to try the Jumpin Jelly Bean bar, the description make me hungry!

  • Tammy Tate

    Typing way to fast tonight…….. I meant to say ” Easter egg” & “makes me hungry”. P.S. I love the Embers bar too 🙂

  • Doris Purcell

    OMG! This warmer is adorable! It is so fresh for spring and Easter. I haven’t been disappointed in a warmer yet from Scentsy! I will definitely be purchasing this and the jelly bean bar! 🙂

  • Mischa

    The Dotty warmer is too cute! And I like that although it is Easter-ish, the look is still mostly spring and fun. Plus, the Jumpin’ Jelly Bean scent is a fitting scent to kick off spring. I may purchase this in April… Like the video and the new blog set-up is SUPER!!

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