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Selling Scentsy Candles is easy.  Just ask my newest directors Norma and Chris Boushey!  Norma and Chris started 7 Months ago and have already made it to becoming Scentsy Directors!

Congratulations to our very first Directors in our Team:  Chris & Norma Boushey from Arlington, WA. We became Chris and Norma’s sponsors when they joined our team on April 20th, 2009.  It took us 10 months to get to Director and only 7 months, on the dot, for them.  We are so happy and proud to be their Sponsors and know that those of you who are in their team are very lucky to have them to look to for guidance and support!  Making Director is a great accomplishment and Chris & Norma have worked very hard to get to this point!

You to can Sell Scentsy Candles.  Learn how to Join Scentsy Today!

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