Earn Bonuses and Trips with Scentsy and Change Your Life

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I think that earning 6 All-Inclusive Trips and 7 Bonuses - 4 for Mentoring and 3 for Sales - is AWESOME! Do you know what's even more awesome than US earning these things? Helping members of our Team EARN these awards and trips!  Seriously.  Starting today 31 Team Members and their Travel partners are going on All-Expense paid trips to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Yesterday, all Consultants who earned Annual Sales and Mentoring Awards were paid Bonuses directly deposited in their Pay Portals. Shawn and I want to help more people earn trips and bonuses next year and change their lives and financial futures!  Do YOU want to want to Change your life? Okay, earning a trip might not change your life right away but I'll share with you…
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