Do you know how to clean your Scentsy Dishes out?

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These are my Gross, caked on Wax Scentsy dishes.  I know.  I'm a Scentsy Consultant who should have the best looking Warmer Dishes around right? Well, I think that I use our warmers so much that sometimes I just do a quick wipe with a napkin or paper towel but don't go in for the deep clean as often as I should. So today, I was going to change out my wax in our 5 downstairs warmers and THIS is what my Scentsy Dishes look like.  I decided that I would take a little time and clean these bad boys up. How to Clean your Scentsy Dishes The first thing I did was pour out all the wax (they were filled with the day priors melted wax) into the garbage…
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