Eggmund the Chick Scensty Buddy

Scented Stuffed Animals
Meet Eggmund. The newest Scentsy Buddy. A feathery, fuzzy newly hatched buddy. Eggmund is a Buddy we can all cuddle up with. just in time for Easter Sunday. Check out the cute Eggshell. Eggmund will grow feathers and fly away soon. He will be replaced by another Buddy when he flies the coop. [caption id="attachment_9834" align="aligncenter" width="656"] Our newest Scentsy Buddy Eggmund the Chick[/caption] All Scentsy Buddies feature a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak fragrance. Eggmund the Chick is $30 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.
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