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FREE Bonus Starter Kit Products when you Join Scentsy in February

Fall 2015 Starter Kit Contents bonus

Free stuff?  Who doesn’t want Freebies?  Everyone want’s free stuff, especially if it’s Free Scentsy Stuff right? Join Scentsy in February 2016 and get Free Bonus Starter Kit Products It’s not like you need to add anything else to our

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How Much Money can you Make as a Scentsy Consultant?

Shawn and I are SuperStar Directors.  We’ve been consultants for over 7yrs.  I can’t tell you how much we make but I can tell you this.  We are both Full-Time, Work From Home Parents because of Scentsy.  We work our

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If you Join Scentsy in July 2015 you get HUGE Discount

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a discount! Are you a Candle lover or just a Scentsy Fanatic? Does your house always have to smell good for you to be happy? Do you pride yourself on having the

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Join Scentsy and Rock October – Start your own Business!

Join Scentsy and Rock October! Extra Starter Kit Products. Help give your new business a Rockin Start! Learn more about Joining Scentsy and becoming an independent consultant! Start your own Business

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Scentsy Open in Spain, France & Austria – JOIN TODAY!

Scentsy announces an Expansion to three new countries OPEN for Business in Europe.  Join Scentsy Today! Where you ask?  Spain, France, and Austria, as of August 10, 2014. Starter kits will begin shipping immediately. Orders may not be entered into

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August is Scentsy Month. Get a Super Sized Starter Kit

Get 50% more Party Testers for FREE! Have you been WAITING to Join Scentsy? There’s no better time to JUMP in and start your own Scentsy Business than in August. Here are some great reasons to Join Scentsy Now: Fall

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Join Scentsy and Earn a Free Trip

Why not Join Scentsy Today and work towards EARNING a FREE Trip! We’ve earned every single Scentsy Incentive trip offered since joining Scentsy in 2008. We can teach YOU how to Earn a Free Trip too! Find out more by

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How do I become a Scentsy Consultant in Australia?

Locate a Scentsy Consultant in Australia If you are thinking of Joining Scentsy in Australia then you probably are Excited and full of Questions. You need to find a Scentsy Consultant as your Sponsor so they can Answer your Questions

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What could you do with $100? Pay yourself first!

Pay yourself first! I mean, if you’re struggling with paying the bills and living month to month would $100 really make a big difference in your life? Isn’t all the money I make mine? Don’t I already pay myself first?

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Earn a Family Trip with Scentsy

Disney World Family Trip Pluto

This morning I was cleaning out our bedroom closet. There is this HUGE box of mementos from all of the trips we’ve earned through Scentsy. We have been given beach bags, backpacks, shirts, a Hawaiian Scentsy button down shirt, Glass

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