Scentsy Kitchen Soap Put to The Test

Scentsy Clean
Change the way you do your dishes forever!  Our Scented Kitchen Soap has biodegradable enzymes that quickly dissolve dirt, grease and food particles while giving you a special 'scent experience' that only Scentsy can.  What's better than using a soap that works great?  One that smells FANTASTIC too!  I don't know about you but I always feel like dish soap leaves my hands dried out and smelling like, well, dish soap.  Now, your hands can feel soft and smell great after. Now the Dishwasher in your your house will not think that doing dishes is a Chore!  Our 13yr old son Sam is our family dishwasher.  He does NOT enjoy doing dishes.  Of all his chores that he does, washing dishes is the one he takes no pleasure in doing. …
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