Introducing New Scentsy Products for Fall Winter 2015

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Brand new Scentsy products are coming to the 2015 Fall Winter Catalog. We are so excited to unveil them here FIRST! From our new Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser fragrance delivery system to the ultra high end luxury body care for men and woman, this season is the biggest and most fragrant yet in our ever growing Scentsy Business. All new products Available September 1, 2015 Penny the Pig Scrubby Buddy introduces some of our NEW Products Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser Our newest Fragrance Delivery System is available in three stylish, modern designs. The Scentsy Diffuser offers the most incredible aromatherapy experience yet. Releasing high end essential oil mist for a full-bodied, exclusively natural scent experience based on your personal preference of our exclusive essential oil scents. Choose between high and low…
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