2 Types of Scentsy Night Light Warmers

Nothing's changed but the name and...a New Style!  Scentsy Nightlights, (AKA Night Light Warmers) formerly Nightlight Warmers, are beautiful and come in 2 options with different bases.   There are generally 25-30 Nightlights to choose from each season. We have our 'Nightlight Warmers' and our 'Glass Nightlight Warmers' which work the same but use different bases.  (See Image below) Need Replacement Light Bulbs for your Nightlight? All Nightlights use our specially made 15 Watt Bulbs. You can either purchase 1 bulb for $2.00 or a 3 Pack for $5.00 USD.  Please don't purchase light bulbs from retail stores.  Most times they won't fit or warm to the proper amount and you will waste your money. Buy Light Bulbs Need a Replacement Nightlight Base? If your Night Light Base if faulty, call…
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