How do I become a Scentsy Consultant in Australia?

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Locate a Scentsy Consultant in Australia If you are thinking of Joining Scentsy in Australia then you probably are Excited and full of Questions. You need to find a Scentsy Consultant as your Sponsor so they can Answer your Questions and also to Mentor you. [caption id="attachment_7525" align="aligncenter" width="483"] Join Scentsy Australia[/caption] Why not Join under Shawn and I? We are SuperStar Directors who are Full-Time Work-At-Home Parents whose sole income is 100% from our Scentsy Family business. We spend most of our business hours Training our Team all over the world. This is all we do - work our Scentsy business that is. We Have Scentsy Consultants on our team from Guam, the United States, Canada, Mexico, The UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia. We can teach you what Becoming…
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