How Much Money can you Make as a Scentsy Consultant?

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Shawn and I are SuperStar Directors.  We've been consultants for over 7yrs.  I can't tell you how much we make but I can tell you this.  We are both Full-Time, Work From Home Parents because of Scentsy.  We work our business today like we did 6yrs ago when we fully committed to building a real business.  We have a downline and Team that span 3 Continents because we recruited and sponsored other consultants.  We still sell product every month and have been top sellers over the years.  We've earned trips to places like Greece, NYC, Disney World, a Southern Caribbean Cruise - and more! Scentsy has allowed us to change our lives, our attitudes, ideals, future vision and even how our kids see the world and what they can do…
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