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Thinking of Joining Scentsy?

Many people contact us with an interest in Joining Scentsy but they aren’t sure if they’ll do well. On one hand, Joining only costs $99 (plus tax/shipping) – which really isn’t that much when you think of how much you spend each month of eating out, latte’s and movies. On the other hand, people are really struggling financially right now and investing $99 in anything can be a hardship on a family’s budget.

The truth is that joining Scentsy, or any other Direct Selling Opportunity, doesn’t guarantee success. We’ve heard excuses from potential consultants like “I live in a small town”, “there’s a consultant in my neighborhood already”, “I’m new to the area and don’t know anyone”, “I’m Shy”, “my friends are broke”, etc. We can help you overcome any excuse – really! We train our downline to overcome their particular obstacles and excuses (if they want to) so that they can become successful in any situation.  We had a lot of obstacles that could easily have stopped us from being successful – if we allowed ourselves to believe that they were insurmountable.  Instead, we decided that we were going to be successful – no matter what!

What is your obstacle? Why haven’t you joined Scentsy yet?

Our offer to you

Try a Basket Bag Party for 1 week to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Scentsy Consultant! We’ll send you a super cute tote bag with everything you’ll need to to show Scentsy and collect orders and, we’ll pay for all shipping! This bag comes with a Mini set of Candle Testers (all 80 scents currently offered) for you and your customers to smell, catalogs and order forms, Samples to give out and try, a Candle Bar, Travel Tin and Scent Circle to use for yourself, Join Brochures, Hosting Brochures, a Join DVD, and more! Take this bag everywhere you go for 1 week. See what people think of Scentsy while finding out if it’s something you feel is a good fit for you and your family.

Have a goal in mind. A ‘Party’ is considered selling $150 in products which is pretty easy to do. Now, try to sell a minimum of $500 in products. See if it is easy or difficult for you to do. This is a great way for you to gauge how well you’ll do if you were to sell Scentsy. During this week you have the opportunity to earn Free and 1/2 priced Scentsy products for yourself. The more you sell, the more you earn. After the week, we’ll chat and see if what you thought of selling – was it easy, hard, not what you want to do, loved it?

You may end up deciding that you love the product but selling it just isn’t for you. You can just send the bag back to us with your collected orders and get your freebies for being a great host! We’re happy to have you and your friends/family as our customers!  Taking a test drive is the perfect way to find out if Selling Scentsy is for you – or not!

You could decide that you not only love Scentsy Products but – you’ve got to share them with everyone and start your own business! You get all your Freebies as well but will now also have the opportunity to earn commissions. We’ll help you every step of the way!

Call or email us today to get your Scentsy Test Drive Basket Party bag sent to you today!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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