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If your reading this article you probably already are thinking of Joining our Scentsy Team.  Here are a few reasons you should join Scentsy and start selling candles!


Reasons to Join Scentsy

1. No fancy clothes or expensive cars needed – You can be yourself!  just your bright personality and entrepreneurial spirit for running your own business.

2. No degrees, business experience, or special schooling needed

3. Be part of a Team! Our team is Family,  we’re here to help support you and your business.

4. The ability to give back! Scentsy believes in giving more than we take, and all of our Consultants have the opportunity to do the same.

5. Earn extra income!  Earn money on a flexible schedule and connect the people you care about with products you love.

6. Earn Awesome awards! Consultants have earned incentive trips to places like We have been to New York, Greece, Hawaii, The Dominican Republic to name a few.

7. Always smell good! Get paid to buy your favorite scents and enjoy the perks of a paycheck while having the best-smelling house on the block.

8. Be your own boss! You say when and how much you want to work.

9. Get a committed Home Office team – free of charge! Scentsy is invested in you and committed to seeing your business be successful.

10. Today is a new day! Why wait for a day to go by from now to say, “I wish I would have signed up earlier.” Take this year to start building your very own business!

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