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Today is the last day of July.  For our business that means that the last day of the month is usually the busiest due to consultants getting in last minute orders, closing out parties, pushing for promotions, etc.

July has never really been a hugely exciting day for the last day of the month…until TODAY!

We have never had a consultant from our downline promote to Scentsy DIRECTOR in July.  But today, that is exactly what is happening.  Yesterday I posted a challenge to everyone in Mandy’s (that is the consultant who is working on promoting to Director) team Tagging them in a Facebook post on our Team page.  I shared how much PRV (basically how many sales were needed in her entire team for them to have a New Director in Mandy) was needed to help her reach this goal and the overwhelming support was just…so exciting.

Consultants are sharing how many orders and sales they still have to place, parties to close, etc.  They started asking their customers for more orders to help even more!  Mandy is overwhelmed by the support of her team as am I and even so many other in our Downline who aren’t in her team.  It’s helped others rally behind others in our team!!

Me and Mandy
Me and Mandy at Scentsy Family Reunion

As I write this – Mandy is only about 200 PRV away from promoting to Director!!!  She has worked so hard and was part of the special Leadership program I ran this Spring.   One of my favorite things about Mandy’s success is the fact that she and her Husband Kenny had never been out of Louisiana and on an Airplane – ever.  She earned a Trip to Atlantis in June from Scentsy and was able to take her hubby on a trip of a lifetime!  She had contacted me the night she found out she’d earned the trip – crying and excitedly screaming!!!  I even helped her figure out how to get Passports ordered.  It is so rewarding and exciting for me to see how working her Scentsy Business has affected her family… and those in her team.

Also, Mandy has experienced the joy of having one of her team members earn a Free trip to Cancun today!  She told me that it was even more exciting than earning the trip herself.  And, it really is.  Having your team members earn a trip or a promotion or reaching a goal they’ve been working for is so awesome.  I honestly can’t express the joy you feel when you see others change their lives, earn trips, reach for goals and achieve them.

Watching a community of people come together to support one another is very powerful.  Not only for what they can achieve but for the FEELINGS it can create.   Scentsy Spirit is alive and well and very real!

Now, back to July!  I will always remember that July was Mandy’s month.

and…the month that SO Many of our Team Members and Downline earned an All-Expense Paid trip to Cancun due to working their butts of for our Scentsy Summer Trip Incentive.

Most of the earners are 1st Time trip earners.  They have no idea how AWESOME their trip will be.  Sure they’re excited but once they go, experience how they are treated and meet so many awesome people…they will never miss earning a trip again which will also propel them to help others do the same.

My point is that this business is contagious.  The energy and excitement and care shown to one another makes this the best group of people to surround yourself with.

So, if you are reading this and you’ve ever thought of Joining Scentsy but never pulled the trigger… Do it Now!  Come be part of an amazing group of people, build a business, make friends, earn trips and feel the love!

Join our Team today!


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