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If you want to Join Scentsy and start your own Direct Sales business you need to consider who you want to be your ‘Sponsor’.  A Sponsor is the person you Join directly under. They are the one you need to go to for help, support, questions about your business and mentoring. Choosing the right Sponsor is just as important to your business as deciding to Join Scentsy in the first place. Pick the wrong one and you could feel like an orphan or not get the support you want and need.

Why listen to me? We are Proven Top Scentsy Sponsors and Recruiters. Additionally, I was a Recruiter for 11yrs and even owned my own nationwide Legal Recruiting company for 7yrs. I know a lot about Recruiting from both the employee and employer side as well as from the side of the Recruiter. My husband even worked with me for a year and was a top recruiter as well. We have over 1000 consultants in our Scentsy Family and spend 80% of our time mentoring, training and coming up with ways to motivate, encourage and personalize each of our Team members businesses to work for them and their lives.

Think about it…if you were looking for a job and had 3 offers for employment – wouldn’t you want to consider all 3 and pick the one that best meets your (and your family’s) needs like salary, the hours, duties, what kind of boss you’d have, commute, medical benefits, etc.? Why wouldn’t you look for the same in a Sponsor for your Scentsy business?

Interview Sponsors before you Join Scentsy

Do you Join under your Cousin because of family obligation or because she’s the best person to train and work with you? Join Scentsy under your friend’s, friend because she was the one you heard about Scentsy from? How about finding someone in your area because you think that’s the only option you have? Join Scentsy under a Top Consultant because your last hostess is brand new and doesn’t have a team yet? How about someone you found online who lives in another state or even country?

You’re Joining Scentsy for a reason right? Maybe you just love the products and want to get them at a discount; You’re a hobbyist and want something to do in your spare time; only want the Start-Up Kit and all the products and testers and don’t want to run a business; need extra money; want to replace your income and build a business; meet new people and have fun, etc. Whatever your reason, choosing the right Sponsor is key!

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you Join Scentsy

  • Do you want/need someone to ‘hold your hand’ and help you at your 1st Party?
  • Do you want to attend Local Meetings or would you prefer Webinars, Conference calls or even Emails?
  • Want a ‘hands off’ approach – don’t call me, I’ll call you type of relationship or lots of assitance from your Sponsor?
  • Care about building a relationship with your Sponsor/Upline so you can build a strong business?
  • Want your Sponsor to answer their phone or respond back to you right away?
  • Are you wanting to Join under a Leader or just a buddy that you can have Fun with?
  • Do you want to Sell, Recruit, both…or don’t know what you want to do yet?
  • Want someone who can keep you motivated or are you already a very motivated person?
  • Are you wanting to do home parties, basket parties, fairs/shows, fundraisers, online marketing, etc.?

Basically, you want to explain to your ‘potential’ Sponsor what you are hoping to achieve with your business and bit about your personality and life and then…see what that Consultant has to offer you in terms of their work style, personality, work hours, experience, meetings and – if they are interested in helping you reach your goals or if they are more interested in how you can help them reach theirs.

Interview at least 5 Scentsy Consultants – if you can.  Just because you know a consultant doesn’t mean they are the right person for you to join Scentsy under or…they might be perfect!  A long distance Sponsor may be the right fit for many reasons but you may feel more comfortable with someone you can meet face-to-face.  Everyone is different!

When you Join Scentsy – you can’t change Sponsors.  Make a wise business and personal decision and pick the Sponsor you really like and who you believe will help you reach whatever business goals you’ve set for yourself.

Choosing a Direct Marketing Sales Sponsor

Why is choosing the right sponsor, in Direct Sales, important? I had never thought about this until I joined Scentsy and started a career in Direct Sales. Since I  Joined Scentsy this has been a topic heavily on my mind. With all the support I get from my Director, Katie, I don’t know what I would have done If I had chosen someone else.

Getting started in direct sales is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing the right sponsor can be critical to gaining success in whatever direct marketing business you choose. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My sponsor has a great system in place and all the tools necessary for me to succeed – If I want to. Your team will only be successful if you give them the tools they need. She’s not just looking to sign people up and leave them stranded on an island all by themselves, neither am I. In fact, I have been able to teach Katie about creating a web presence. We are a team and we feel that we can both learn from one another.

After spending the last few months with Scentsy I have come across a few consultants that have joined with other sponsors who have reached out to me for help. I have always been open to sharing whatever knowledge I have, whether it benefits me or not. The same goes for “My Katie” as I like to call her. Those people reaching out for support have been the ones stranded on an island all by themselves and either had to learn to swim alone, drowned or are barely staying afloat. I will never tell you I have it all figured out myself and neither will my sponsor. But what we will tell you is we are ALWAYS here to support you if you are willing to learn. Same goes for the rest of our team. My motto has always been “If you’re successful, I’m successful”.

Not all of you are going to be as lucky as me, so do your homework before just signing up with just anyone! Make sure that they offer a good support system and have all the tools you’re going to need to succeed. Take some time before you get started with a Direct Sales business by making calls with your potential sponsor. See if you mesh with them and vise versa before settling with someone as I’ve found that working relationships are very important in this business.

Please Interview us as your potential Scentsy Sponsors!

Shawn & I are dedicated to training and mentoring our team all over the US, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.   Tell us about yourself and then see if we might be a good match for you!  We know what it takes to be successful and are now retired from “Jobs”.  We are 100% Work at Home Parents because of Scentsy.

Reach us via Phone (call or text us @ 877-655-5496), Email (, Skype (Id# thesafestcandles ), and even here in the Comments section of our Blog.  You can also check out our past blog posts about Recruiting Tips and advice to learn more about our style.

Whatever you end up deciding – Join Scentsy – take a chance, have Fun, meet new people and make extra money!

NEW Scentsy Business Card Family
NEW Scentsy Business Card Family


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  • Philip

    Great article Wendy!! I really like this and the information that you put out their for potential recruits!! You guys are amazing and we have learned so much from you!

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