This Guy is Mailing Catalogs and Free Samples out

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Mailing Catalogs and Free Samples
Mailing Catalogs and Free Samples

Shawn and I each work parts of our Scentsy business that we enjoy and are also good at. Shawn really enjoys mailing catalogs and free samples out to our Customers and potential customers.

He sits at our table at least once a week preparing our ‘love mail’ for you. Just wanted to show you who puts your packages together.

He sends out Samples of Candle Wax, Groom, Skin and Laundry products.Mailing Catalogs and Free Samples

When you purchase Scentsy from us, you are helping to support our family. We are real people putting our ALL into our business and in making your life and home smell amazing.

Thank you for all of your support over the years. Our family appreciate you and we hope you love your Scentsy Products.

If you haven’t received a sample, please click on this picture and fill out our form to receive one.

Scentsy FREE Samples


  • Lanetta Schleusner

    I was given a scentsy warmer as a gift. I didn’t know anything about it so I bought Walmart melts for it. Someone showed me a owl and dragon clip and said their from here. I was not sure to buy one so if you could send me one. I’m leary about it cause people tell you something and you don’t know if it’s worth buying. Thanks

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