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What’s a cause near and dear to your heart?

We’ve helped raise money for local (Washington) causes as well as long distance causes/organizations (Virginia) with Scentsy Fundraisers! Whether it’s helping a single Mother raise funds to pay her bills while she undergoes Chemotherapy; raising money for Cheerleaders and their Squad for uniforms & equipment; raising funds to donate Toys and Stuffed Animals to Children’s Hospitals; etc… Scentsy can help!

Now is the time to HELP someone in need! Whether it’s raising money for your out of work neighbor’s to put food on the table for their family to helping your School’s PTA raise money…we can help.

Shawn & I give 100% of all of our Scentsy Fundraiser Commissions to every cause we help with! We want to help you to help others! Please Contact Us Today and let us know who you want to help and we’ll come up with a fun and easy Scentsy Fundraiser suited just for you or your group.

Find out more about how WE can help you with a Scentsy Fundraiser HERE

Scentsy fundraisers are perfect for helping 1 person to an entire community!  We’ve helped Church Groups, 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading Squads, Gymnastic Teams, Youth Sports Teams, Competitive Dance Teams, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, School and Marching Bands, Booster Clubs, Drill Teams and many other clubs, schools, community groups and organizations. We host Fundraisers in all 50 states & Canada!

What better way to help people than to Buy your Scentsy Products via a Fundraiser?  Scentsy believes in Giving Back and we can’t agree more with this ‘giving’ philosophy!

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