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Who doesn’t love a Candle?

We know that it can be hard to come up with that perfect gift for the boy or girl who already has everything this Holiday Season but, we’ve got some ideas that are unique and are sure to please everyone on your Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Secret Santa, Client/Customers, Christmas or Hanukkah List.  Whether you’re on a budget or ready to break the bank, Scentsy has something for you:

  1. Scentsy Nightlight and 1 Candle Bar:  This is a great gift for everyone on your shopping list and it only costs $25 ($30 Canada).  Pick out the Perfect Present, for that special person on your list, and choose from over 30 Nightlight Warmers and over 80 Candle Bar Scents.  Great Gift for Real Estate and Mortgage Clients…something cost effective that they can use in their home and…it’s unique!
  2. Scentsy Buddy’s:  These adorable Stuffed animals are only $25 ($30 Canada) and each comes with a Scent Pak (36 scent options) to make each Buddy smell great all year long!  There are 8 different Scentsy Buddy’s to choose from and children from Toddlers, Teens and even Adults Love our Buddy’s.
  3. DIY Warmers and Theme Packs:  Do you need a Wedding or Baby Shower gift idea?  Give a Scentsy Warmer but personalize it. We have Beautiful Square Warmers that come in White or Black and have 45 Theme Packs to Choose from including special Wedding and Alphabet Packs.  For only $38.00 you can give a personalized gift that can be used for years to come!
  4. Men & Women in Uniform.  Not only do we have a Collection of Patriot Warmers that represent (and give back to each) the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and the Navy; we also have Warmers made special for Firefighters & Police Officers.
  5. Happy Hanukkah, Chanukah, etc.!  Give the gift of the Festival of Lights.  Scentsy has a Menorah Warmer that I personally love.  Every year I forget to light my Menorah and my kids (especially my Mom) bug me about it.  Well, last year I got myself the Menorah Warmer and I left it on all 8 Days of Chanukah!  If you don’t know what to get your Jewish friends or family this Holiday season…then this is the perfect gift!
  6. Perfume!  I don’t know about you but I Love Perfume.  Especially Scentsy’s new line of Solid Perfumes.  They come in 5 wonderful scents and…I love Satin Sheets the most and wear it almost every day!  I love smelling like my favorite Candle Scent.  Now, if they could make Pumpkin Roll in perfume form I’d smell like Thanksgiving all year long!  They also make great stocking stuffers.
  7. College Campus Warmers.  Know someone in College, a past alumni, a college sports fanatic, etc?  Scentsy has over 65 College Warmers to choose from with more coming out every month!  This is a great giftidea for a male or female and…goes great in a mancave.
  8. Snapshot Warmer.  This is our October Warmer of the month and it has a spot for you to put a picture.  This is a great gift to give and include a picture with the warmer.  This is a truly unique idea and I’ve never seen a candle warmer like this before.
  9. Scentsy Stocking Stuffers!  Check out Scentsy’s Fragrances on the Go items.  We have Fragrance Foam, Scent Paks, Scent Circles, Room Sprays and Travel Tins.  These items range from $3-8ea and are great to use in Bedrooms, Dresser Drawers, Closets, Cars, Gym Bags, Lockers, Dorm Rooms, in your house for a quick freshening up, etc.
  10. Give yourself a New Business.  Joining Scentsy is the best Christmas Present we could have gotten.  We joined on 12/18/98 and really, it’s the best investment we’ve ever made – for ourselves and our family!  For only $99 ($119 Canada).  There are no sales requirements and…when you Join you get over $150 in products – not including all the business supplies.  Find out what comes in your Starter Kit Here.

Please let us know if you need some more Holiday or General Scentsy Gift giving ideas!  Scentsy – The Safest Candles!

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