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This is our list of the Top Ten Reasons YOU should Join Scentsy!

  1. You want to make some additional income for yourself or your family.  You can be a Scentsy Hobbyist (plays at the business), a Part-Timer who does 1-2 parties a month or whenever you can; or work this business Full Time and replace you ‘job’ income.  You can make a couple hundred dollars a month or thousands…it’s entirely up to you!
  2. You want to earn/win Trips & Prizes! We just returned from a 5 Night / 6 Day stay at a 5 star resort in Kona, Hawaii that we earned from working our Scentsy Business.  The next Trip Qualification period Runs from August 2010-January 2010.  This trip was All Expense paid! Also, right now, Scentsy has a special promotion called “More Parties, More Prizes” where we can win prizes such as flat screen TV’s, Wii’s, Ipod’s, Laptops, iPhone’s, etc.
  3. Time Freedom.  I don’t know about you, but I love that I can go to the movies with my girlfriends in the middle of the day while my kids are in school; can volunteer at their schools or eat lunch with them whenever I want; I can pick when and how I want to run my Scentsy Business and don’t have to ask permission from my boss for a day off or call in sick…
  4. I Owe, I Owe, So off to work I go!  Are you in debt?  Collectors calling you?  Worried about losing your job or even finding one?  Working in Direct Sales with a company like Scentsy, can help to change your financial situation.  Just a few hours a week and you could be bringing in an extra $500 a month easily.  How much could that help your family?
  5. Tax benefits. When you own your own business you earn tons of tax breaks.  Write off your phone, miles, vacations, etc.
  6. Leverage your Time! J Paul Getty, who created one of the world’s greatest fortunes, said:  “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.” This is so true!  When we went on our Hawaiian getaway we didn’t work at all yet we had a team working their businesses which, in turn, earned us overrides!  How cool is that?
  7. No Sales experience or degree needed.  Times are tough out there in the job market.  With Scentsy, you don’t need to have a college pedigree or years working  in corporate america to be successful.  You don’t need any sales experience either.  Actually, having sales experience might be hold you back because with Scentsy, you want to “Share” as opposed to “Sell” it.  Put our scents and warmers in front of people and they’ll buy it!  This is the easiest product I’ve ever “sold”.
  8. Tons of Training and Support are available!  You have your Sponsor (the person you sign up under) and their entire Upline (the people who sponsored each of the people above you) ready and willing to help you succeed.  There are training videos, documents, guides, Team Sites, Webinars, Meetings, person-to-person trainings, etc. available to you!
  9. Scentsy is easy to talk to people about! Honestly, who doesn’t like a candle?  Some people may be adverse to scents but even they like our warmers!  Selling Lotions, Potions, Make-up, Supplements, Blast Caps, Romance Novelties, etc. are a much harder ‘sell’ than Scentsy.  What kind of Sample do you think is the easiest to give away and get a good response from out of these types of companies?  Would giving a scented wax sample to someone be easier or giving a supplement powder?  I’ve never had anyone tell me that they aren’t interested in my free Scentsy Sample.
  10. Excellent Products!  Great care is taken to make sure that all Scentsy Products are top quality and affordable.  A large number of our consultants were customers first and then joined because of their love for Scentsy.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Joining Scentsy.

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