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Cracking me up!

I was trying to figure out what I should write about today and thought that Mother’s Day would be a good topic since it’s only 4 days away. I ran a search in Google for “Top Mother’s Day gifts” and the first article was from NYU Washington Square News titled “Top five gifts to avoid on Mother’s Day” I HAD to read this article!

Here is their list of No-No’s:
1. E-Cards
2. Vacuum Cleaner
3. Gym Membership
4. Anti-Wrinkle Cream
5. A Pet

Really, Anti-Wrinkle Cream? I’m sure there’s some guy out there who thinks that this would be a super thoughtful gift…just like a Gym Membership.

We always go to Mother’s Day Brunch with my Mom and family and have a great time and the kids give me and my mom presents they made at school or home (my daughter is into making jewelry) and we get flowers from the guys and cards. We don’t usually give presents but if I were to give my Mom a Hamster for Mother’s Day…she’d kill me – after we all stopped laughing of course.

A Hamster for Mother’s Day?

The next Article I found was from listing their “Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” – because ‘every man is some Mother’s Son’. Here’s their list:

#10 Flowers
#9 Candles (How about Some Scentsy Wickless Candles?)
#8 Gift card
#7 Gift basket
#6 Home spa treatment
#5 Home decor
#4 Sweet treats
#3 Greenery
#2 Perfume
#1 Massage and spa treatment

Of Course I’m going to point out that #9 is Candles but…when you get more creative and give the gift of Scentsy Wickless Candles to your Mom for Mother’s Day I think that this gift definitely rises up to at least #3. Scentsy is a great Mother’s Day Gift – that keeps on giving all year round. A Candle Warmer with a few wax candle bars that you think your Mom would love would be a great gift!

Personally, I have plenty of Scentsy so I don’t want my hubby and kids to give me any for Mother’s Day but…I’d totally love Gift idea #1 – a Massage and Spa Treatment! I don’t know any woman, mother or not, who doesn’t love the idea of a massage.

Shawn…if you’re reading this I hope you get the HINT! Love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your wonderful Mom’s out there!


  • Cara Schneider

    OK.. the list to avoid TOTALLY cracked me up and reminded me of the year I got a scale.. yup.. a bathroom SCALE… lets just say I wasnt happy, but my husband thought it was a GREAT idea because we didnt HAVE one. He thought it was THOUGHTFUL!! He did take me out to dinner afterwards though..maybe I should have had him use the scale….haha.
    I definitely think SCENTSY should make it WAY up the list of gifts to give for mother’s day.
    I gave it to MY mom, and oddly enough, I GOT IT FROM MY KIDS(aka my hubby got it for them to give to me) HE’s GETTING SMARTER every year 🙂

  • Shellie H

    Hilarious!! I got #4, in the form of See’s chocolates, for this Mother’s Day. I have to say though, and maybe I’m abnormal, but I was super excited to pick out my new washer and dryer for Christmas a few years ago!! And this past Christmas brought the longed-for KitchenAid mixer, lol!! So I guess it depends on the woman; some may actually prefer a vacuum cleaner like me.:) But I also love the candy or flowers, and especially a card with a note written inside. <3

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