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We just found out this morning that we’ve earned our Third (3rd) Scentsy Incentive Trip! Next June we’ll be on the beach, in the pool, going on fun excursions, having exotic drinks, spa treatments and checking out all of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic ! We haven’t been out of the country in over 10yrs and just applied for our Visa’s yesterday!

Even more exciting is that we will be bringing a bunch of our Scentsy Team with us this time. We know how much these trips have meant to us and are so excited to see other people we care about experience them as well.

As a funny side note, the Visa Agent at the Post Office noticed that we paid for our Visa’s with our Scentsy Debit Card, perked up and said, “ooooohhhh, I Love Scentsy!  Is that what you guys do?”  We gave her a Free Scent Sample and our current Scentsy Holiday Catalog and said she was so excited to meet us as she needs more product!  Everyone loves Scentsy.

Would you like to Join Scentsy?

Our goal is to help as many people as possible not only earn trips but to, more importantly, change their lives. When we first Joined Scentsy almost 3yrs ago we were totally broke, visited the food bank to feed our family and… had to go to the Library to work while the kids were in school because they had internet & heat! At the time, we were only concerned with helping ourselves get out of the hole we were in. 3yrs later…we are more concerned with helping our Team members grow their businesses and spend at least 80% of our time training and mentoring them.  They have become our extended family.

It’s easy to Join Scentsy. All you have to do is CLICK on the “JOIN” tab at the top of this page and follow the Join Buttons. It costs, with Shipping & Tax anywhere from 99.00-150.00 to Join Scentsy in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Scentsy is still a ground floor opportunity and isn’t even close to being a household name. Join Scentsy Today and change your life!  Scentsy – The Safest Candles.

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Independent Scentsy Star Directors

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