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Scentsy Candles in Munich Germany

As of May 12th, Scentsy’s Newest consultant in Germany is Brian K. from München (aka – Munich).  Brian found our website, www.TheSafestCandles.com, and decided to Join our Scentsy Team.

I immediately sent Brian our Welcome Letter and other information via email as I always do.  I always call our new consultants within 48hrs of joining our team but, Germany is 9hrs ahead of Seattle time so I made sure to call him at an appropriate time.  I even worked with my phone provider to get a great international calling rate.  I think we’ve spoken about 10 times since he joined on May 12th and we are getting to know one another quite well.  I look forward to meeting him one day.

On our first conversation we spoke for almost 2hrs.  What an inspiring guy!  Brian is Irish and has traveled the World.  He worked for a large IT Company and transferred all over Europe, including France,  prior to his last stop being Germany.  You see, Brian has terminal cancer.  It’s spread to his major organs and really, the only think keeping him alive at this point are his meds and…his bucket lists!  Brian believes that the only thing keeping him alive is his attitude and his Bucket Lists.  He wasn’t supposed to live past last August (per his Doctors) but he had booked a cruise that he refused to miss – so he didn’t!  Then, he was given April as his next ‘due date’ – it’s now May and he’s still here!  His next big trip is scheduled for September to the Mediterranean and to the Holy Land of Jerusalem – he refuses to miss that trip!  Also, he’s very excited for July when he will be a special guest of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund as one of their largest single donors – Cyndi is bringing Brian on stage and will be singing to him.  This is a dream come true and he got a bit choked up when telling me this!  We are both children of the 80’s so we have a lot in common.  I’m always amazed at how the Scentsy Opportunity has put certain people in our path that have touched and inspired us.

Brian first heard about Scentsy from his sister who had previously been a consultant in the States.  She had brought him some bars and a warmer some time ago and he fell in love with the scents but couldn’t use the warmers because the converters were so big they kept falling out of the wall socket.  He instead used tea lights and a different dish warmer.  He just LOVES Scentsy and is really looking forward to sharing it with everyone in Europe. Brian speaks 5 different languages – English being his 1st.

At this time, Brian is the only Scentsy consultant in Munich Germany!  How cool is that?  He already has parties booked and big plans for his business and he struggles to walk and can’t get around on his own.  If Brian can work his Scentsy business and earn extra money then YOU can too!

If you are interested in Joining Scentsy in Europe or purchasing products in the United Kingdom or Germany then please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Brian!  We are so excited to see Brian succeed in his new business and with his bucket lists!


  • Shellie H

    Wow, what an amazing man! I assume that the warmers sold in Germany now do not need converters??? Not like I’m going anytime soon, lol! I wonder what else is on Brian’s bucket list…

  • Jill Cluff

    Hi. I live in Switzerland and own SERVERAL scenty products from the US. But they don’t work here and I need new warmers. How do I get them? Thanks so much!


  • Mikala

    Hello, I live in Germany, and I would LOVE to buy some scentsy products that work here!! How do I order them from someone else selling Scentsy procucts in Germany. I actually live in the Dusseldorf areas, so if there is anyone there, that would be ideal.


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