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Do you want to know what I think of our New Scentsy Scents?

Our new scentsy scents are Here! I’m always getting calls from customers who want to know if a certain scent smells like it’s description in our Catalog, what scents have stronger Flowery scents, what are the most popular scentsy scents, what scents are strong or lighter, etc. I’m very honest with my opinion. The New Scentsy Scents are out as of TODAY and I know I can help you get a better feel for what each one smells like. Click on the Scent Names to see what New Scentsy Products are offered with this scent! Every Scent comes in a Candle Bar, Room Spray as well as a Scent Circle AND some come in other products as well!

Scentsy Simply Lime Scent
Simply Lime

Let’s begin, shall we?

What is Simply Scentsy?

Scentsy has created a new Fragrance Experience to help those of us who just want to enjoy the very essence of an ingredient do so – Simply Scentsy. We have 5 New Scentsy Scents to choose from. You can put a cube or two of these scents into your warmer and enjoy the singluar scent or even mix a cube with another Scentsy Scent to create an entirely new fragrance experience. The choice is yours!

Simply Lime – Love it! This may sound bad but it makes me yearn for a Corona with a fresh Lime wedge. I think this would be a great scent to use alone or to mix with another scent like Simply Strawberry to make it smell like a Margarita!

Simply Cinnamon – Smells just like a Cinnamon Stick or even those Cinnamon Scented Pinecones you get at the grocery store during the holidays. The great thing about this scent is that your house will smell great with this scent alone or with another new scentsy scent like Simply Vanilla or Red Candy Apple! Mixology at it’s finest!

Simply Vanilla – Seriously, the name says it all. If you love Vanilla you’ll fall in love with the depth of this scent.

Simply Strawberry – I grow strawberries in my sad little garden. Usually most of my fruits die but not my Strawberries, they never disappoint. Neither does this scent. It’s not too sweet and smells like a fresh strawberry.

Simply Rose – I must admit right now that I really don’t like roses. In fact, I can’t stand the scent…they just rub me the wrong way. This being said, Simply Rose smells just like a rose. If I were leaning in to smell a bouquet – this scent is better! I won’t be warming it in my home but if you love roses, you won’t be disappointed. Try pairing with Lush Gardenia so your home smells like a huge mixed bouquet of flowers!

New Scentsy Scents

A Wink & A Smile – described as a flirty, girly, fresh scent of tulips and daffodils in full bloom, rounded out with plummy lemonade. I don’t smell lemonade but it does smell light, fresh and flowery. I wouldn’t have guesses which florals though since I only really like the smell of Lillies and Carnations (I know, weird combo right?)

New Scentsy Scents - Jet, Set, Go!
Jet, Set, Go!

Jet, Set, Go! – Hello Yummy! Described as jetting off to a balmy tropical paradise of brazillian orange, jungle papaya and island vanilla. I definitely smell the orange and papaya but the vanilla must be a milder note.

Lime & Kiwi Cantaloupe – If you love the scent of cantaloupe you will LOVE this scent. I believe that this is the strongest note in this scent but if you want more of the lime…simply put a Simply Lime cube in with it. The description is a refreshing sip of a summer cooler with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe.

Tiare Maohi & Lush Gardenia – I put these two together because I can’t really tell the difference. Again, I don’t like the florals very much so I’ll try to give this one a shot. Tiare Maohi supposed to smell like White, Wild Gardenia with a sheen of Coconut but… The Gardenia is all I smell. Lush Gardenia is just that, Gardenia with a whisper of Tuberose. I smelled both of these two scents over and over and There is a slight difference. Lush Gardenia is more powerful while Tiare Maohi is a touch more tropical – proabably due to that coconut. If you love the smell of Gardenia’s – you’ll probably love both!

Pink Cutie – Fresh & Springy! This is what I’d describe it as. It has fresh citrus, clementines, puckery pomelo and mandarin with a touch of musk. I don’t know that I’d be able to pick out any specific one of these ingredients in this scent but together…it smells like a fresh spring day.

Honeymoon Hideaway – LOVE IT! I love Lillies, Kiwi and Coconut and this is a very light and romantic scent! Again, I don’t like flowery scents much but the Lily is my Favorite flower both by scent and look. This fragrance makes me happy. I’ll be stocking up on this one!

Perk Me Up – Scentsy has captured a great smelling cup of coffee along with a touch of hazelnut. Some of our coffee scents have been too ‘sweet’ smelling for my liking but this one finally has just the right balance! If you put this in your warmer in the morning your family will wake up yearning for a cup of coffee!

Serene Green – Lime leaves, crisp verbena and citrus zest in a happy fragrance is how this scent is described and I’d agree. While it doesn’t smell like a freshly mowed lawn it does smell like a a Fresh spring morning. Not afternoon but morning. Weird? I don’t know why but morning is my opinion.

Lonicera – is a very subtle scent. While it does have patchouli and amber it still has a light sweetness from the honeysuckle. I’m not a patchouli lover but those of you who are will most likely love this scent. I just think it’s okay…not one of my favorites.

Returning Scentsy Scents

Beach – this scent has always been a favorite and our consultants and customers were very sad when this scent was discontinued previously. It’s a fresh scent with Papaya, Honeydew and a touch of Coconut. Imagine having your windows open with this scent on and a breeze comes through… that is Beach!

Yuzu Dragon – I’d say that if you like an exotic citrus scent then this one is for you! I think that the combo of guava, nectarine, dragonfruit and yuzu all come together to create the perfect citrus scent from the orient!

Sugar – When we first joined Scentsy a little over 4yrs ago, Sugar was one of the ‘favorite’ Scentsy scents with most consultants and customers. It’s great alone or mixing with other scents to give a bit more sweetness to your favorite scent. This scents smells of lemon cotton candy and is very light.

Lilacs & Violets – I know I mentioned, repeatedly, that I don’t like floral scents but – Lilacs and Violets has always been the exception for me. It’s not overpowering and smells wonderful. Lilacs and Violets on a Spring Day. I always recommend this scent to everyone – whether you like floral scents or not. Most people really enjoy it!

Red Candy Apple – I’m not sure why this is the name of this scent because it smells more like a mix of the other scents listed…not apples. I smell the Raspberry, Strawberry milk, brown sugar and cotton candy…and then the McIntosh apples. When it’s warmed however… the Apple comes ‘out’ more and the mix of the other scents produce a caramel fragrance. Very nice but a bit sweet for me.

Scentsy Red Candle Apple
Red Candle Apple

Honey Do! – This scent smells just like honeydew melon and mint which is great since that’s what it’s supposed to smell like. I don’t smell the cantaloupe as much but this is a nice sweet fragrance.

Jumpin’ Jelly Bean – If you love strong sweet scents that smell like jelly bean’s…get this fragrance. The crisp pear, apple, zesty lemon and sugar come together to make you want to start eating a ton of candy! Watch your waist with this one warming in your home.

Lemons & Berries – Juicy strawberries and red currants cut with a blast of zesty citrus make this one smell, to me, like a Strawberry Citrus type of fresh drink. Imagine a big glass of Strawberry Lemonade in a glass with ice topped with an orange wedge on the edge! This is what this scent evokes for me.

Tingelo – is a a kind of warm and citrusy scent in my opinion. The mix of tangelo, lemon, apricot and lychee berry will make your home smell warm and citrusy. It’s a fresh scent but I think that most people will love this one. This is a returning scent for a reason.

Two Harbors – Vanilla, Lemon, Lime and a bit of Amber make this scent one of my favorites. I love most scents with Vanilla as well as those with Lemon as the main notes so the mix of all 4 of these main ingredients give this scent depth and a tart citrus fragrance. If you want to give a Scentsy scent as a gift, this one would be a good bet!

Cherry Limeade – Hello Childhood! You can’t help but want to get a refreshing drink after warming this scent. Key lime, sweet cherry and berry are so good together. The amount of lime is really what shines followed by cherry. Your kids will love this one!

Cherry Vanilla – Lip Balm from my childhood. This smells like a Cherry lip smackers lip balm. I had this scent in the chapstick version as well as the liquid clear roll on. I think I was one of their best customers as a child. Cherries, almonds and white chocolate ice cream are the ingredients that actually made me purchase Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers last year. Seriously. My daughter, who’s 15, fell in love with it too!

Happy Go Lucky – smells like orchids and amber vanilla to me. So nice and sexy in my opinion. This scent is part of our Romance Collection and I know why. This one smells great in your bedroom. The notes are red berries, orchid, Japanese plum and amber vanilla. This scent lingers even after you turn your warmer off.

Call or email us with any questions you have about these scents at 877-655-5496 or Contact Us

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