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Amber Road…take a walk!

Normally, if I told someone to take a walk it wouldn’t be a good thing. In this case though, I’d definitely recommend taking any path that leads to Amber Road – Scentsy’s New Scented Candle Bar coming out May 1st.

We received this candle bar today I told my husband to smell it. He takes a whiff and says, “it reminds me of something” but he couldn’t think of what ‘it’ was.

The official description is: “Open a box of treasure, hand-picked from exotic lands, to discover glowing red cedar and resinous incense tucked amid smokey vetiver and crackling birch leaves

My first impression, when taking my first sniff, was that this scent is really woodsy and incensey – if that’s a word (I know it’s not). I know that the scent is called ‘Amber’ Road but they don’t list Amber being included in the description. It smells fresh and manly –
I like it, even though I’m not a lover of incense.

How does it smell in a Warmer?

Great! It’s light and isn’t overpowering. I left the house to run an errand and came back and the house felt warm…even when the air outside was chilly. Does that make sense? I think that scents do that to us – make us feel a certain way. Warm is exactly how I’d describe this scent!

Shawn was at a buddy’s house for the last 2hrs and when he came home I asked him what he smelled, “Amber!  It kinda smells like a fresh log cabin.”

Let me know if you’d like a FREE Sample to try. Email us your address via our ‘Contact‘ page and we’ll get a Scentsy Sample out in the mail to you! After you get the scent, come back here and let us know what you thought of it!

Thanks! Wendy

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