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Scentsy Order Status

Common Questions about your Scentsy Order Status

Have Questions?  We have answers.

We are Shawn & Wendy Robinson, SuperStar Directors with Scentsy.  You are on our Personal Website.  We are Consultants and not Scentsy Corporate.

  • Q. I ordered Scentsy Online. Who do I contact about my order status?
    A. The Consultant who’s Website you Ordered from.
  • Q. I have no idea who’s website I was on when I placed my order, can you help me?
    A. You can look up your “Browsing History” on your Computer and see who’s site you were on and then contact them.  Also, When you place an order online you should receive an email from Scentsy Corporate confirming your Order.  The name and contact information of the consultant’s website you placed your order on will be listed along with a link to their website.  Only the Consultant who you placed the order with can actually check your order status.  No other consultants have access to orders not placed with them.
  • Q. I placed an order directly with a consultant and paid them. What is the typical wait time to receive my order?
    A. Depending on when the consultant placed the order our corporate shipping policy is that your order is guaranteed to be shipped within 10 Business days.  Generally, Scentsy ships out much faster than this but depending on the time of year we could be experiencing longer shipping times.  If your order takes longer than 3 weeks from the date you placed your order, you need to contact your consultant for sure.
  • Q. If I can’t reach my Consultant is there a Corporate Number to call?
    A. Yes.  You can reach our Corporate office Toll Free at (877) 855-0617. You can also visit our Scentsy corporate website.
  • Q. I received my order confirmation but what about my Shipping Notification?
    A. You won’t receive any other emails from Scentsy until your order ships.  Your UPS tracking # will be listed in the email and you can click on the link to track your package.  Some orders will ship via USPS depending on where you live and if you selected that option at check out.
  • Q. I ordered from Wendy & Shawn Robinson.  Can you see my order?
    A. YES!  We are the only ones who can see your order status.  Please call us at the number at the top of this website or Email us anytime via our Contact Page

If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered here, Feel free to comment below or contact us via phone or our Contact Page.

Shawn and I offer excellent Customer Service and Scentsy is our only business and ‘Job’.  Our family appreciates your business and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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