What is a Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmer and how do I get one?

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What is a Scentsy?

I hear this all the time. What the heck is a ‘Scentsy’? Scentsy is a Direct Sales company that started in 2004. They started with handcrafted Electric candle warmers and wickless candle wax that ‘warmed’ the scent instead of ‘burning’ the scent from the wax. What they created was a safe alternative to wicked candles that you have to light with a flame.

Scentsy now has become a multi-million dollar company in the past 6 years and now offers 3 different types of warmers – Full-Size, Mid-Size and Nightlights; Scentsy Buddy’s (adorable stuffed animals that come with Scent Pak’s to make them smell like your favorite fragrance); Fragrances on the go such as Fragranc Foam (alcohol free hand sanitizer), Scent Circles (hang them in your car or closet), Room Spray (in all 80 scents), Travel Tins (great for your gym bag or locker) and the Scent Pak’s – also sold separately.  Over 80 Scented Candle Bars & Bricks.  Check out all of our Scentsy Products online at www.TheSafestCandles.com

Scentsy offers a Work-From-Home Business Opportunity!

Scentsy, being a Direct Sales company, also offers a Business Opportunity. We joined 2 years ago when there were only 20k consultants and our products were only available in the US. Now, there are over 145k consultants and we offer our products in Canada, Guam & Puerto Rico too! What country is next? It’s crazy to think that with 145k consultants that most people still don’t know what Scentsy is.  Scentsy is still a ground floor opportunity.  We are just starting to break into the international markets.  There are over 34 Million people in Canada and we only have around 1300 consultants there currently.  The US has over 300 Million…  Combined, only 4% of the entire US & Canadian population have been, or are, Scentsy Consultants.  Because you know these companies I’ll list Avon and Mary Kay.  Avon has over 5 Million Consultants worldwide & Mary Kay has over 1.3 Million worldwide.   We are just in the infancy of our company.  Find out more about Joining Scentsy Today!

Did you receive Scentsy for Christmas and want more candle bars, light bulbs & warmers?

We’ve been receiving a lot of calls and emails from people who were given Scentsy Products for Christmas but have no idea how to get more Candle Bars, Warmers and even replacement light bulbs.  You can only purchase Scentsy Products from an Independent Consultant.  You can either try to locate one locally or purchase online.  Either way, you can purchase from any consultant – anywhere  – and get the same delivery time for your products.  Check out our deals online HERE.

To find out more about how our Electric Candle Warmers work, visit us online at http://www.thesafestcandles.com

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  • Amanda Hatfield

    This is a great post to rad, as my husband and I are seriously considering selling scentsy! this gave me a real look into what a great oppertunity it is, and the basics of the scentsy line of products!

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