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Just Do It! Join our Team and we’ll personally train you!

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What’s in it for you?

Isn’t that the question you all want answered? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Price vs. Product! For only $99 to Join you get over $150 in products that you can use as well as display to help gain you more sales  and grow a team.  You get an entire business-in-a-box with full training from us!
  2. Make some extra Money! Who doesn’t need extra money nowadays?  For a couple hours a weekend having a party, you can bring in an extra $300-600 (based on party averages) a month.  That’s a car payment!
  3. Make a LOT of Money! Are you unemployed, looking for a way to quit your job, can’t stand your boss, etc?  Work your Scentsy business as much as you want and you’ll be paid handsomely for it!
  4. Earn Trips! We’ve been sent to Hawaii and Disney World (this one with our kids in tow) and are going to work hard to win our next incentive trip.  You get 5 star treatment and all expenses are paid!  Yahoo!
  5. Time Flexibility.  It’s summer and I’m spending a ton of time with my kids.  We are able to go to the movies during the day, the beach, water park, library, play dates, and family trips because I don’t need to ask anyone for permission to enjoy the summer!
  6. Great Products for Free or Discounted.  You can be the hostess of your own parties and earn a bunch of Free and Discounted products like warmers, candle bars, buddy’s, etc.  to use personally or for your business!
  7. Fundraising.  I host Scentsy Fundraisers and always give 100% of my Commissions to whatever cause I’m representing.  I’ve helped a Cheerleading team, a single mother with Breast Cancer, School Fundraisers, etc.  It’ feels great to give back!
  8. Helping others succeed. While it’s great that we are doing some wonderful things with our business it’s even better when I hear of people in our Team who are changing their lives.  I love to hear how Scentsy has helped them!

These are just the main things YOU GET when you Join Scentsy!  There is so much more like the friendships and relationships you make with other consultants in the Scentsy Family!

Why You should Join our Team!

I think you should call and interview us! Joining Scentsy is a business decision.  Don’t just join with the lady down the street because she’s close by or with your cousin because you don’t want her mad at you if you don’t join her!  Interview them.  Find out who can help you reach your personal goals…whatever they may be. We have a team across the US, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and even Germany!  Just because we may not be ‘local’ to you doesn’t mean we aren’t the best Sponsors you could ask for. When your treat Joining Scentsy as a business decision you’ll be less likely to treat it as a hobby.

Also, we’re the #8 Sponsors in the ENTIRE company!  That doesn’t mean we are just good recruiters…it means that we are able to get more of our recruits Active and engaged in their businesses!  That’s huge.  We’ve won Awards and are recognized by Scentsy weekly for our sponsoring!

I will tell you that 90% of what we do each day is help our Team.  Whether it’s hosting our weekly Team Conference Calls, Time talking on the phone, emailing back and forth, texting, Facebooking, 3-way calls, etc., we are always here to help our team as much as they want/need it!  We work our business 7 days a week and are always here for you.

You can try to Find another Consultant to Join under but…think about this…  You’re on our site right now right?  Why aren’t you talking to them instead of reading our blog?  We also have a Team site that we add to all the time with great information to help you with your business. Click on the “Read Our Story” link over on the left of this page under our family picture.  Find out about us.  Do you think we can we help you like we helped ourselves?  We can’t wait to ‘meet’ you and help you get your Scentsy Business Up and Running.

Join Scentsy
Join Scentsy Today!

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