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May Scentsy Candle Contest from

Win $50 in FREE Scentsy Products
$50 in Free Scentsy

Do you LOVE Scentsy? We believe that Scentsy is even better when it’s FREE! Enter to win $50 worth of Free Scentsy Products from our New Spring/Summer catalog. To find out how to Enter to Win, Read & Follow the Official Rules to qualify. *Contest is NOT open to Scentsy Consultants!

Whether you pick a Candle Warmer, Scented Candle Bars, Scentsy Buddy, Room Spray, Nightlight Warmer, Scent Circle, Fragrance Foam, Scent Pak, Mid-Size Warmer, or select one of our Combine & Save multi-packs…you will love all of our products.  Check out our New Online Catalog to make your Selections!

Official Rules

1. Make sure to ‘Like’ our Scentsy Facebook Fan Page HERE. You must be a fan of our FB Fan Page to qualify.
2. You must Make a Comment on This BLOG Post stating what items from our New Catalog you’d want worth $50.  These will be the items that you Win if you are randomly selected as our Winner.
3.  Residents of the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico are eligible to win.  Scentsy Consultants are not eligible to win.  No Purchase necessary to Win.  If you do not follow both steps 1 & 2 above you will be disqualified.
4. Winners are selected by Qualified Entries are selected at the sole discretion of TheSafestCandles.

Extra Entries to Win

1. You must meet the qualifications above to qualify for additional entries.
2. Comment on a Blog Post on this site. Your comment must reflect that you have actually read the post in order to qualify. 1 Contest Entry per qualified post.  You may comment on as many posts as you like.
3.  Refer a Friend! Each Friend you refer to our Contest will earn you (1) additional Entry!  Please Refer your friend and have them state, in their Blog Post below, who referred them, to receive your extra entry!
4. Do you have a Website or Blog? Put a Link from your site back to and email us the link…You’ll be given 5 Additional entries.

Please contact us with any questions.  Visit us online anytime at


  • Nicole mclaughlin

    I liked your facebook page

    If I won I would get Molly the monkey for my son who will be born in august 🙂

    I would also get the sentry 6 pack with the scents flutter, sunkissed citrus, tea party, groovy grapefruit, cherry limeaid and skinny dipping!

    Thank you


    I have ALWAYS wanted to try scentsy!
    I would LOVE to win this!! Thank you for the opportunity!!
    I would either buy:

    Luau Plug-In Scentsy Warmer
    Doodlebud Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

    I would put the $50.00 toward the New Consultant Pack – I LOVE how you say all you have to do is use it and it sells itself!
    I LOVE following you!

  • Tracy Mackey

    I would love the Full size “Hope” warmer and the “Heavenly” nightlight warmer. I “like” you on Facebook too! I love Scentsy!!

  • Dedra

    I would get the travel tins in cranberry mango x2 and Black raspberry vanilla a scentsy 3 pack in tea party, flutter, jumpin jelly bean and a scentsy brick in cranberry mango.

  • Kyle

    Referred by Dedra. I would get a scentsy 6pack in cherry limeaid, jumpin jelly beans, mulberry bush, tea party, black raspberry vanilla and pineapple paradise (if i can still get it) a brick of Cranberry Mango And if there is any left, a room spray in Cranberry Mango.

  • Cara Schneider

    I LIKE your facebook page 🙂
    I would LOVE to win the Scentsy Companion System (and would HAPPILY pay the difference)
    This would include Margot, Groovy black nightlight, and Pima Cotton, Newborn Nursery, and Mediterranean Spa
    Thank you 🙂

  • Debbie Bellows

    i’d use it to get a scentsy 6 pack and in it I’d want My wish, sugar, tea party, wishing well, jumpin jelly bean and mulberry bush and i’d also like the shasta daisy nightlight warmer

  • Allie Turner

    Hi there! I am a lover of Scentsy products if I won the $50 in free products I would like a Scentsy mid-size system with Mission Slate as the warmer and Luna, Home sweet home and Welcome home as the scents. I would also like a scent pak in Luna and travel tin for my husband is Sharp dressed man.

  • lacey daniels

    I love Scentsy. I just got one a few months ago. I just became a fan on your Facebook page! If I won, I would get the Green full size warmer for my kids Veggie Tales room, and try a few scents like Perfectly Pomegranate, Newborn Nursery, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Flirtatious. I also love Teaparty!

  • Caleb

    I was referred by Lacey D. I also “liked” your facebook page. If I won, I would like Ribbert the Frog Scentsy Buddy with a Radiance scent pack. I would also like a 6 Pack with Radiance, Perfectly Pomegranate, My Dear Watson, Mums and Marigolds, Flutter, and Skinny Dippin’

  • Heather Byers

    I would get the Lenox warmer and a six pack of the bars (2 of the hemingway, 2 home sweet home and 2 of the cinammon vanilla 🙂

  • Shellie H

    I’d choose (and believe me when I say it was tough to decide!) a bar of Jumpin’ Jellybean, a White Sands room spray, 3 scent paks in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Perfectly Pomegranate, and Go-Go-Goji, and a scent circles 6 pack including Blueberry Cheesecake, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Love Story, Go-Go-Goji, Jumpin’ Jellybean, and Amber Road. Whew!!! Hope to win:) Already a FB fan!

  • Cara Dunford

    I love Scentsy! I have ‘like’d the facebook page. If I won I would like to have the ‘Fizz’ warmer with the scents beach, clean breeze and forever pink. Thank you 🙂

  • rebecca

    I LOVE Scentsy. There is nothing more wonderful that just deciding there is a “FUNK” in your kitchen and flipping a switch and in 5 minutes, you have the smell of lemons.
    If I were to win, I think I would get the Full size Cherry Blossom warmer, and a few bars…The new one “flutter”, and “Beach” and “Ocean”…then if I had anything left, I might get something coconuty for my car. Love your products.

  • Julie Faulkner

    I LOVE Scentsy. But I keep giving it away! If I were to win I would get a Full Size system w/Heavely warmer, and Satin Sheets, Coconut Lemongrass & Ocean. To make up the rest I would get White tea & Cactus, & Fresh Lavender.

  • Vicki Hale

    I love Scentsy fragrances and candle warmers! If I were to win, I would choose the Individual Full Size Warmer in Cherry Blossom, and the following four Scentsy Bars: Blueberry Cheesecake, Sticky Cinnamon Bun, Sugar Cookie, and Honey Pear Cider. I missed the last Scentsy party I was invited to (I had just been laid off from work), but I’m looking for a direct sales opportunity and would love to receive some information about Scentsy’s opportunity. I’d also love to win the giveaway! 🙂

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