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These days people are having a hard time meeting their financial obligations; are now one income families due to a layoff; are out of work and can’t find a job or at least one that can pay their bills, etc.  We all need multiple streams of income to ensure our livelihood.  You can’t depend on your employer to be there for you any longer.  They are looking out for their bottom line and if they have to restructure or close an office or plant then you or your spouse may be left out in the cold.  Many people have 2nd and 3rd jobs  because one job isn’t cutting it.  A Direct Selling business could be the cure to all of your ails!

There are so many advertisements for Home Based Businesses, Work From Home commercials, Make Money Online, etc.  Which one do you choose?  Here’s what you should do:  Review a bunch of business opportunities.  Don’t just pick the first one you see on late night TV or the first blinking ad on the internet.  Don’t sign up with the first person to hit you up with an opportunity just because they are your friend or because you get caught up in the moment.  Check out at least 5 businesses that you could get excited about.  If you’re a health nut then check out some of the lotion and potion products out there.  If you are interested in more of a ‘professional’ opportunity try Pre-Paid Legal or NAA (legal and insurance plan companies).  If you like scrapbooking there are several home based scrapbooking opportunities so check them out.  You should NEVER pick a business model that you don’t have excitement for.

Over the past 2 years we had some pretty tough times.  I’d had to close my Legal Staffing business after 7yrs (due to the economy) and it was not only a personal blow but a financial strike as well since I made the lions share of our income.  What was I going to do now?  How would we pay our bills?  We’d lost everything.  I applied for every job out there and no one called me so I tried my hand at Pre-Paid Legal as it’s a great product and had the opportunity for me to continue working in the ‘legal’ field and meet with business owners and benefits managers.  We’d personally been members for 8yrs and knew it was a good product.  Also, a home based business gave me a flexible schedule and allowed for me to work around my kids’ schedule.   I did this for about a year and had a modicum of success but really wasn’t happy doing it, which showed.

Six months into working with PPL, Shawn signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant.  He’d never shown an interest in working in a Direct Selling/MLM business before but Scentsy offered him the chance to market online (which he loves) and a product he loves.  We’d purchased tons of Yankee Candles, PartyLite, etc over the years so why not Scentsy?  He also has allergies so having flameless, safe candles made him even happier.

With a Business Opportunity we didn’t have to go through any interview processes, work special hours, have a boss tell us what to do, etc.  We did have to pay a fee to join the opportunity but really, when I looked at how much money it cost me to own and run my own business, spending $99 to get our own “franchise” if you will, was a no brainer.  We had the chance to try out these opportunities and were readily welcomed.  All we had to do was follow ‘the leader’ and their systems and add in our desire and work ethic!

Timing is Key!  Over the next 6 months our Scentsy Business was growing while my PPL Business was floundering.  I believe that I was still mourning the loss of my business and felt like a failure.  I thought…no one needs candles but everyone needs a Will.  I would get upset that people wouldn’t spend $17 to help with their legal matters but would drop $75 easily on candles.  What the heck?  I think that PPL was my ‘rebound’ opportunity.  Maybe if I’d started with them at a different time in my life I might have been able to throw myself into it 150% but, I just wasn’t able too.  This was so disappointing to me and humbling since I’d always been a hard worker.  I mean, I worked 18hr days when I was pregnant for crying out loud yet I couldn’t get the desire to work 2hrs on my PPL business.  Why?  I just think it was the wrong opportunity and bad timing for me.  Like forcing a square peg into a round hole…

Fast forward to 10 months with Scentsy.  The business was growing so fast, due to my Husband’s internet recruiting efforts, that he couldn’t handle everything himself any longer.  He needed me to help him.  It was an easy decision for me because it was fun, easy to do and was bringing in great money.  Why was I fighting to keep my PPL Business going when Scentsy was flourishing and people were banging on our door for the product?  I jumped in and started working our Scentsy business full time and now it has doubled in just 4 months.

When I say that I work the business full time what I really mean is that I work on it as much as I want and need to.  I help at my kids’ schools and eat lunch with them whenever I want to because I can.  I started a Mom’s Movie Club (sounds a bit silly) where other friends of mine and mom’s at the school can go see a chick flick during school hours once or twice a month instead of seeing only kiddie movies.  My hubby and I hang out or take a break and go shopping, watch a movie, etc. whenever we want (on his days off from work of course).  I have time flexibility which is priceless!

I still do a little PPL here and there as I still have some clients to maintain and hear of people needing the service now and again but really, Scentsy is where I want to be. Great product, great people and an even Greater Opportunity for my family!  I thanked my husband last month for joining Scentsy.  If he hadn’t of taken this opportunity I might still be miserable and we could still be broke.  He saved me and our family in more ways than one!

You may be reading this wondering why I’ve told you all of this information about ourselves.  It’s because of a Home Based Business Opportunity that we can now pay our bills and are pulling ourselves out of debt.  We can get medical insurance again, think about getting reliable cars, start planning for our financial future, go on a vacation, etc.  We haven’t had a family vacation (other than camping) in almost 4yrs.

If you’ve struggled to find a way out of your financial crisis then you should really look at a Home Based Business.  Heck, try 2 of them to see which one fits you better because I could still be floundering with PPL instead of succeeding with Scentsy.  Whatever you decide to do, give it your all.  Be excited about it and make sure to run your business with integrity!


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