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Not only are Scentsy Scented Candles safer for the environment you save so much money with Scentsy.

One Candle Warmer $30.00 plus 12 Candle Bars = $80.00
(1 Candle Bar Per Month – Tax & Shipping Not Included) Our Candle Bars burn an average of 60 to 80 hours.

Yankee Candles
Jar Candle – 12 x $21.99 (14.5oz) = $263.88
(1 Jar Candle Per Month – Tax & Shipping Not Included) Candle burns an average of 65 to 90 hours.

Jar Candle $263.88 – $80.00 Scentsy = $183.88 Scentsy Savings!

Remember, unlike old sooty jars, you still have your beautiful candle warmer. A beautiful Scentsy warmer requires only a one time purchase!


  • Juni

    The Scentsy candle system is SAFE alternative to burning candles: no flame, highly scented, great home décor, safe to use around kids and pets. But it doesn’t have the charm of burning candles. Candle lit evening provides me some quite time to be myself.

  • blastoffwithwendy

    While I do think it is necessary to have candles around the house in case of power outages, I have completely replaced them with Scentsy Wickless Warmers and Plug-ins. When I take a bath I turn off the lights, turn on the warmer – which casts a pretty glow, and put on either Lemon Lavender or Eucalyptus scents to relax. I’ve been a candle lover my entire life…I’ve tried them all. Until I found Scentsy, nothing was able to replace the use of candles. Sorry Juni, I do have to disagree that there is any candle that can replace Scentsy with the exception of outages.

  • Eleanore

    I just joined Scentsy in Oregon. I am working on “my story” and decided to check out what others have shared.
    I was also looking for a way to comprare candles and Scentsy for my candle-loving friends. If it is okay with you, I wish to share your cost comparison and some of your customer comments with others. My 1st party is this week!

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